For over three years, I have been helping customers make sense of Adobe’s subscription offering. I have acted as a guide in navigating the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Portal as well as specific products like the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps license and most recently, Adobe Stock.

Having listened to many customers over time, I frequently hear feedback as it relates to their individual work settings.  I know that our customers appreciate not having to scour spreadsheets, or scramble to find some crumpled note in their office to see if licensing counts are still compliant. If I had to point out one desire expressed by my commercial customers, it would be a simplified way to assign and deploy seats out to their large end-user base. This would be the icing on the VIP cake.

There is good news. Adobe has listened! As of this week, Adobe has released Enterprise in VIP.

Enterprise in VIP (VIPe) gives IT buyers and departments in mid-to-large companies the ability to purchase Creative Cloud (CC) and Acrobat Document Cloud (DC) together with simplified user management and increased control over company IP, plus transactional purchasing without the need for long-term contracts.

A stroll down memory lane…

Some of you may think you’re not up to the challenge of learning a new program again. Change can be scary, after all. Through the years, I’ve noticed that for many customers learning the Adobe management system began as a rocky road to travel, but now customers feel that they can fully rely on it and go throughout their day without trepidation or bumps in the road. Now, the transition to VIPe will take businesses off that path and put them on an even smoother highway. Here’s why.

With Enterprise for VIP Customers Will be Able to:


Wait … did I see SSO?

Yes you did! I am very excited to confirm that Adobe has listened to customer feedback to add this helpful feature. Companies leveraging Single Sign On (SSO, also Federated ID) will allow admins to integrate with their existing corporate identity system. Additionally, users now can be reassigned as an individual and by group.  Also, when SSO is enabled, users who leave the company will automatically be removed from the management portal. All of these features will save time and help protect assets.

Enhanced Security

VIPe consists of the same security features as CC for Teams [Secure Amazon Web Services for Storage, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption of assets in transit, and at-rest encryption], plus several additional layers of security:

  • User authentication via Federated ID (SSO) or Enterprise ID (if enabled)
  • Dedicated encryption key for at-rest assets (with domain claiming)
  • Ownership of assets stored in cloud (with Enterprise or Federated ID)

Unlimited Enterprise-Level Support

In addition to the regular support received within CC for Teams (including 24/5 phone and tech support as well as online forums and tutorials), VIPe offers the following enhancements that will have a great impact for the enterprise-level company:

  • A dedicated onboarding phone call
  • 24/7 support for IT and end users, with experts in licensing and deployment
  • Ability to open and track support cases within the portal
  • Unlimited Expert Services sessions

Did someone say volume discounts?

Yes indeed! Although there is a reasonable premium for Enterprise for VIP, Adobe has enhanced their VIP discount structure compared to that of CC for Teams.


The Easy Street

Adobe has always been a world leader of creative and PDF software. Enterprise for VIP will allow customers to seamlessly manage Acrobat DC and CC in one location. End users will be able to share assets and accelerate their design process by leveraging the additional features like Enterprise Support.

Indeed, changing directions can be scary, but I hope that with this blog you feel empowered with a better understanding about the basics of the new Enterprise for VIP program. If you are searching for additional information about VIPe feel free to work with your CDW Account Manager for more details.