The days of a simple dial tone are long gone. Companies are now enabled to leverage collaboration technology to address business goals like customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation and growth, among other things.

Collaboration decisions have historically been led by IT, but that model has changed significantly with the demand of collaboration applications. Every company has different, custom requirements.

Companies must enable employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device to keep them working effectively. Providing employees with easy-to-use, web-based applications and their choice of device enhances productivity and employee morale.

Collaboration tools must be secure, customized and easy to use – and they must also provide applications for managing business, and reporting. Companies need to visualize real time and historical collaboration metrics through reporting; such as number of calls, missed calls, customer satisfaction, from any device in any location.

In the past, one would need PBX servers, multipoint controllers, VPN appliance, video conference server(s), rack space, power, cooling, cabling and many separate admin interfaces to learn, as well as manage. Today, all of the equipment above is consolidated into a single virtualized server platform, which requires less system management and complexity.

All of these collaboration features are now available with a simple, packaged system: Cisco Business Edition 6000. The BE6K platforms are packaged solutions optimized for performance and density supporting 25 to 1000 employees. The platform includes voice, video, messaging, contact center, mass notification and paging, conferencing and more. Connecting to the system with your choice of endpoint (IP phone, video, mobile, remote phone, soft phone, etc.) makes it easy to customize, too.

What are the Different Offerings of the Cisco BE6K Models?

  • BE6000H: Ideal for medium to large-scale collaboration deployments.
    • The HD model supports eight collaboration application options in a single virtualized server platform; maximum capacity of 1000 users, 2500 devices
  • BE6000M: Ideal for medium-scale collaboration deployments.
    • The Medium model supports four collaboration application options in a single virtualized server platform; maximum capacity of 1000 users, 1200 devices
  • BE6000S: Ideal for small-scale “office-in-a-box” collaboration deployments
    • The 6000S is deployed on a virtualized blade server platform inside a Cisco integrated Router and Supports five fixed collaboration applications. maximum capacity of 150 users and 300 devices. 

So, What’s Unique about the BE6K? Built-In VPNless Mobility, That’s What.

Cisco Expressway provides simple, secure Collaboration outside the organization to Cisco Jabber mobile users, remote Cisco phones, and video endpoints. Teleworkers can use their Cisco endpoints without a VPN, making collaboration at home simple. Expressway also enables video interoperability with third-party standards-based systems – including Microsoft Lync 2013.

Collaboration technology is constantly evolving and changing how we communicate. When designing a Collaboration plan, you can tap into a vast array of tools. But the key is to understand how your employees work and to use that knowledge to put together a strategy that provides both the best user experience and alignment with your business goals. Check out our collection of case studies to learn more about how CDW has created customized experiences for other businesses.

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