Suppose an organization needs to keep tabs on a fleet of vehicles; or perhaps its business model involves placing kiosks in retailers. Maybe it’s a utility that collects data from smart meters; or maybe it just needs a failover network. For increasingly mobile business use cases that demand mission-critical connectivity in any environment, cellular routers work to extend the wireless network to wherever remote workers — even first responders — need it most.

As a CDW mobility solution architect, I’ve talked with many organizations that don’t see an immediate need for remote, cloud-managed networking solutions today. In my experience, most of those organizations eventually come around. All kinds of devices — think service or emergency vehicles, kiosks, utility meters and HVAC systems — continue to evolve through digital telemetry and remote management capabilities, giving rise to the Internet of Things. Still, the ultimate value of IoT hinges on a reliable and secure network connection. Without that connection, there’s no value gained.

Connecting with IoT

Cradlepoint’s ruggedized hardware provides remote wireless bandwidth where it’s needed. And this tool proves especially essential where it’s otherwise impractical to set up a wired WAN connection to a remote device or it’s impossible to wire vehicles. Cradlepoint’s COR series routers tackle those problems by extending networks and improving their performance and reliability using 3G/4G/LTE cellular data connectivity.

COR Series tools also offer busy IT teams easy setup and management features. No one wants to send a network technician into the field every time a remote network connection must be set up or diagnosed. Cradlepoint’s “zero touch” configuration and monitoring tools ensure teams can keep their focus where it’s truly needed most.

What about security? For any organization, extending the network also expands the threat vector. Cradlepoint offers layered, enterprise-grade security features, including best-in-class intrusion detection, stateful firewall technology and intelligent routing policies that restrict remote communications to legitimate traffic only.

Failing Over

In my opinion, one of the most important features included with Cradlepoint wireless routers is network failover. When a physical network link connecting a location to the Internet or WAN fails, Cradlepoint’s Advanced Edge Router solutions automatically kick in with a wireless 4G LTE link, providing a simple, effective protection against dropped connections.

Automatic failover allows field-based or remote teams to continue functioning without interruption, even in cases of severe weather, a cable cut or network provider outages. Cradlepoint equipment provides a smart insurance policy that protects organizations from loss of productivity, loss of customers and other potential consequences of a network outage.

Today’s digital economy craves data and increasingly calls for a turnkey, on-demand network that people can count on wherever and whenever they need it. Cradlepoint offers a smart, cost-effective way to ensure teams can meet those demands and thrive.

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