It’s almost sad if you think about it: Here we are in 2015, yet most businesses still don’t have basic contact center screen pops. Countless customers still need to repeat themselves countless times, and countless agents still waste countless minutes. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Cisco Finesse desktop enables even small and relatively unsophisticated businesses to quickly and easily empower their agents with screen pops in their business applications — including customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, ticketing and billing systems. Businesses can also provide click-to-call capabilities within those applications and automatically log call details to gain actionable insight.

So why aren’t more companies doing it?

The Painful History of CTI

Screen pops have been around for years. The problem has been that computer-telephony integration (CTI) has been easier said than done. Integrating business applications with phone systems has historically been a complex, technical undertaking that required time, money and talent. This made CTI the exclusive privilege of larger enterprises with the budget and economies of scale to justify such projects.

No more. Cisco Systems has invested heavily in reducing the cost and complexity of CTI and has achieved success with Finesse. Finesse makes it easy to generate screen pops by simply populating a browser window on the agent’s desktop with a view of a business application based on the incoming phone number or a captured account number.

Finesse also makes it easy to turn a phone number field in any such application into a click-to-dial field for agents making outbound calls. Plus, all that inbound and outbound calling activity can be automatically logged into application databases that can generate useful reports and analytics.

So anyone who assumes anything about CTI cost and complexity, based on past experience, should take a fresh look at what’s possible, because Cisco Finesse really does deliver.

Understanding the Upside

Companies may also be a little slow to embrace CTI because they don’t truly understand its positive business impact. That impact boils down to three compelling benefits:

  • Superior customer experience: Customers hate repeating themselves, especially if they have to do it multiple times during a single call as they are passed from person to person. Screen pops create a much more pleasant calling experience that elevates a company’s brand in the eyes of the customer. In a marketplace where customers can so easily take their business elsewhere, that kind of positive brand experience is a critical competitive advantage. Screen pops also shorten call times, which is something busy customers really appreciate.
  • Greater agent productivity: Screen pops and automatic outbound dialing save agents precious seconds on every call. Multiply those seconds by lots of calls every day, and Finesse-enabled CTI can substantially reduce agent costs while significantly increasing the number of quality customer interactions they can have every day. 
  • More sales: Imagine being able to quickly pinpoint which customers your company hasn’t heard from in a while — or which customers generate the most business while requiring the least amount of customer support. With Finesse, you can easily integrate your phone system data with your business application data to generate these types of reports — which, in turn, you can act on in ways that drive higher sales numbers.

The bottom line is that Cisco Finesse makes just about any company a candidate for CTI, which is good news for small business owners and their customers.

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