It’s interesting to see the latest data on PC shipments versus Smartphone and Tablet shipments for 2013 from the various research companies.  PC shipments are dropping while Smartphone and Tablet shipments continue to grow.  Make no mistake; mobility is a disruptive force to your organization today.

With mobility continuing to grow in importance to the success of your business, it’s great to know that CDW is well positioned to help you achieve your mobility vision and goals. How? CDW recently launched it’s Total Mobility Management Solution which will help your organization in a number of ways.

  1. Assessment – It all starts with a network and security assessment. CDW has Solution Architects focused solely on helping you understand your organization’s network readiness for mobility and any additional security requirements.
  2. Planning and Strategy – Do you have a BYOD/Mobility policy? Do you know where to start in designing your BYOD/Mobility Policy? Most organizations do it backwards, by purchasing mobile devices and MDM without first understanding the value of mobility to their organization. CDW can consult with you on your planning and strategy of your mobility policy.
  3. Enable With CDW’s procurement portal, you now have a single portal to order from multiple wireless carriers. Additionally, our procurement services can load mobile device management (MDM) profiles, configure and kit your mobile devices to reduce your time required in deploying mobile devices to your employees. These services will save you time and allow you to focus on more strategic matters within your organization, while making your employees more productive.
  4. Protect & Support – Partnering with the leading MDM providers, you can rest assured that we’ll find the MDM solution that best meets your mobile requirements. Plus, CDW’s procurement portal offers a complete mobile help desk solution for your employees and administrators.
  5. Empower – It’s predicted that we will download 70 Billion mobile Apps. Your employees and customers want to consume data via mobile apps. Mobile as a platform will be a big trend moving forward and with CDW’s custom mobile application service, you can quickly develop mobile apps that give you a distinct competitive edge over your competition.

For some of you older readers, you may recall how disruptive the Web was to businesses 15 or so years ago. I predict mobility will be even a greater disruptive force on businesses than the Web. Isn’t it time you harness the power of mobility for your organization? CDW’s Total Mobility Management Solutions are designed to make this happen for you.

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  • Robert Barrese says:

    I would like to see about becoming part of your Total Mobility Mangement solution. Our Cortado product fits perfectly into that space and has a different space then what you have today. I would like to speak to someone to see if they have an interest.

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