CDW was selected as one of the few partners to attend the internal “wolf pack” training on Cisco Tetration Analytics.  We spent several days with Cisco engineers from around the globe gaining hands-on experience with Tetration.  Tetration is a very impressive product today; however, its potential is beyond incredible.

Tetration, which was developed by former Google data scientist, is network flow telemetry, collection and analytics for the data center. Tetration samples every data flow at terabit scale. This flow information can come from sensors on endpoint host and network devices, and less than .1% of the network traffic is sent to the Tetration cluster.  Tetration keeps this metadata so it is possible to rewind and look at historical information; essentially, what has taken place on the network.  Tetration is also a Hadoop cluster and can perform a 100 billion event sub-second search.

Some other benefits of Tetration Analytics, you ask? Here are a few more exciting capabilities:

  • 200x faster application behavior insight
  • 100 percent visibility across every packet
  • 70 percent higher operational efficiency
  • 5x reduction in attack surface
  • 0 trust operational model

Tetration also addresses multiple business use cases. This year we will see Tetration being utilized for Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and whitelist generation for TCP/UDP IPs and ports. This ADM information can then be used for ACI Microsegmentation.  Tetration can also be used for network visibility, monitoring and forensics.

Tetration gives us full visibility in to traffic moving throughout the data center so outlier traffic becomes visible.  As the product matures, we will see Tetration move more into the security space.

Tetration uses open APIs, so look for Tetration to integrate with other Cisco data center products in the near future.

This is one impressive product that will change the face of network analytics for your data center, so contact a CDW account manager to get the ball rolling.

Lastly, check out this informative video from Cisco for even more about this remarkable real-time data collection product: