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The Benefits of Migrating from Windows Server 2003 onto New Hardware

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My father is type of person who holds onto my cars until he squeezed every last bit of value out of them.  I remember spending weekend evenings holding the light while he worked under the hood fixing something on his old Pontiac.  Often, he would spend entire weekends tearing apart a carburetor and sometimes hundreds of dollars. When he finally gave in and bought a new car, suddenly his time was freed up, he’d see immediate savings from better gas mileage, he’d get the new features that he’d been missing (airbags!) and he (and his family) was much happier (and safer).


Office 365 – Get full ROI with SharePoint Online

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As cloud IT models gain more market share and small- to medium-sized businesses become more comfortable with cloud security/governance, opportunities are growing to save money and increase productivity. The Microsoft Office 365 platform not only offers email and document management in the cloud, it goes beyond these key offerings to help transform day-to-day business tasks. In addition to anytime, anywhere access to email, documents, contacts and calendars on any device, it offers many ways to increase productivity for your team and partners to collaborate, while automating core business processes and workflows.

7 Tips to Optimize In-vehicle Mobility Performance

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Your experience with in-vehicle computing probably lands somewhere on the spectrum between the state-of-the-art CDW Technoliner and this parody from our friends at Gordon & Taylor.  You’re likely all too aware of a few limitations your mobile users would like to eliminate.  Whether on foot, in a vehicle, on a motorcycle, mobile command center or boat, mobility solutions should maximize effectiveness, efficiency and safety in the field.

LCS, OCS, Lync, Skype for Business – The Name may Change but Microsoft is still in the Business of Communication and Collaboration

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In mid-November, Microsoft announced that it would be rebranding the next version of its unified communications platform as Skype for Business.  This represents the next step in the integration between Skype, one of the most popular consumer communications services (with more than 300 million users) and Lync, one of the leading enterprise communications platforms (sharing Gartner’s Leader Quadrant with Cisco, Avaya and Mitel).

Things to Do NOW: Windows Server 2003 Assessment

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With support for Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2 ending in July 2015, it is important that organizations begin planning and preparing for an upgrade path that meets the unique needs of their business.  Organizations everywhere will need to begin assessing their current infrastructure and develop a strategy to migrate off the aging platform onto Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure.

The Evolution of WAN Optimization

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I recently had the opportunity to participate in an amazing panel interview sponsored by CDW in partnership with Riverbed, produced by CIO magazine and held at the Foreign Cinema in the Mission District of San Francisco. There were 26 very bright attendees from various levels of information technology. The focus of the event was WAN Optimization and its current usage, changes and evolution.