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Reducing Rogue Access Points to Ensure a Better Wireless Experience

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Providing the ultimate fan experience is one of the goals at the 2015 Super Bowl. And Wi-Fi is no exception. CDW has been working with the Arizona Cardinals this football season to make sure that the University of Phoenix Stadium is ready for Sunday’s Big Game.

The work started last summer when we designed and installed a Cisco Connected Stadium solution for the Arizona Cardinals prior to the 2014-2015 season. Preparations for and support during the Fiesta Bowl, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl were included in the project. As these games are high-profile sporting events, ensuring a spectacular fan Wi-Fi experience is of the utmost importance.


Why Hackers Love End of Life

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The smell of potato chips and a few too many energy drinks wafts through the air. Dawn is still hours away. The dark room surrounds Joe as he smiles in the dim light of the laptop screen. His persistence has finally paid off. He has been dissecting this component for a while. Server 2003 is old. Many of its bugs have been patched, but there are more waiting to be discovered. And now he owns one.


The Rise and Fall of IT (as we know it)

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IT is the central nervous system of practically every modern business on the planet. However, most of us have looked at IT primarily as a cost center, endlessly pursuing a lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through massive budget cuts, technology consolidation and the migration from siloed, analog systems to integrated, digital ones. This became the norm because most companies on average spend over 70 percent of their annual budget on operations and maintenance.

Social Media and the Changing Contact Center

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Gone are the days when a customer calls a company or writes to complain.  They still write, but no longer to the CEO or some other board member of the organization.  They write to social media.

Customers still have complaints, like they always have. But their methods and how companies communicate back have changed significantly.  If organizations are not monitoring their brands on the litany of social media websites, a simple customer complaint can run viral, turning into a major public relations firestorm. 

Your Computer is now your Phone

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Your Computer is now your Phone.

In fact, your monitor is also your phone.  And the same holds true for that display on the wall.  Read on to see how Cisco’s DX80 brings everything you need to be productive in one sleek integrated device.

Today there are so many ways to communicate: via phone, instant messaging (IM), video, as well as web sharing applications.  End users are used to these applications being one seamless experience in their personal lives.  Now they are looking for that functionality at the office too.  

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Mobile Access Routers Extend the Enterprise to Transit and Public Safety Vehicles

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Mobility continues to be one of the most dynamic technology trends in the field today. New tools, resources and information are being designed with mobility as their primary modality. Where once information was housed on central servers and storage infrastructure distributed across a hub and spoke network, today’s mobile-first paradigm puts the power in the hands of field workers where it is most impactful.


Transparency: “Control” or “Trust”

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How to measure transparency?  My view of transparency is “Control vs. Trust.”  Does IT control everything you do?  Does management control everything you say?  Or does IT provide you with tools and trust you will use technology for the better.  Do your management and executive leadership trust you to make good decisions with information and knowledge?