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Cisco Spark at CDW: That’s right, we use the collaboration technology in our own house

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At CDW we solve a lot of collaboration technology problems for our customers. But we are also intense adopters ourselves.

In fact, one of the reasons we are so good at addressing customers’ collaboration issues is that we have encountered many of them personally. And one of the reasons we’re so passionate about collaboration technology is that we experience its benefits first-hand every day.


Mobility: Avoid the Mobile Apocalypse with an Outsourced Portal

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First came smartphones. Then it was tablets. Next could be wearables such as the Apple Watch.

But regardless of what form devices may take in the future, the mobility phenomenon continues to grow relentlessly. And like a mob of unstoppable zombies on The Walking Dead, it’s threatening to eat IT alive.


Containerization and App Wrapping: Must-Haves for Workplace Mobility

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Mobility has become part of everyday life, inside and outside the workplace. Mobile technology greatly enhances individual productivity and overall business performance.When people can get their work done anytime, from anywhere, everyone benefits. That’s why it is vital for companies to eliminate any obstacles that stand in the way. 


The Mobile Workspace: Radically Change Your Work Life

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For some people, this past winter it seemed like it never stopped snowing, schools were constantly closing and transit delays were the norm.  How do you work if you’re snowed in, need to stay home with the kids or the trains are stopped?  With a mobile workspace, that’s how! 


Why Should I Migrate to Adobe Creative Cloud? – A Perspective From the IT side

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“The cloud” is a term that we hear quite frequently when utilizing technology. At the same time, it seems that many misconceptions and apprehensions come to mind when having a cloud-based discussion. Often times, companies will shy away from anything cloud-based, citing a fear of security risks and other safety reasons. I find this trend seems to continue when talking about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud offering with my customers. 


How is Skype for Business Different than Skype?

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Skype for Business is the name of the next version of Lync. Lync Server becomes Skype for Business Server. Lync Online becomes Skype for Business Online. Both Skype and Lync have been around for more than a decade and both are extremely successful. Lync is getting a new name and a fresh look and feel – familiar to millions. Still, the core of the communications platform is the Lync we know and love with even more enterprise grade capability. So the answer to the question is: Lync — Lync puts the Business in Skype for Business.