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Your Rainy Day Strategy is Ruining your Cloud Initiative

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I have spent a lot of time talking to customers and analysts about Cloud solutions and the value they bring to the market.  As a result, I have seen countless instances where customers have achieved great success with their Cloud initiatives.  Unfortunately, I have seen far more examples where organizations have walked away from spectacular results simply because they failed to approach the Cloud the right way.


New product road test: Cisco’s Project Squared: Frictionless Collaboration for the Agile Workplace

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When’s the last time you checked your voicemail?  Your email?  Your texts?  In an era of always-on-the-go dispersed teams working together, Collaboration tools always seem to slightly lag the ideal point of “frictionless” experience.  Today Cisco announces a first version of their newest Collaboration tool: Cisco Project Squared.  And with it, the tools are once again catching up to the way users want to collaborate.

The Infamous “Cloud” Conversation

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In my role as a Solution Architect, I am often engaged with organizations in deep technical conversations about how to help advance their technology infrastructure to provide competitive and business advantage. During these discussions, I always try to address “The Five Core Pillars of Modern IT” including:


Your IP Phone Choice – Does it Still Work?

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It’s a question we get a lot:  “But will the phones I bought so many years ago still work with the upgraded Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 10.5?”   The answer is a consistent “Yes.”

As with all hardware lifecycles, phones are developed, manufactured in great numbers and supported through maintenance contracts for a certain number of years.   Then it’s time for a manufacturer to incorporate new innovations, implement new standards and satisfy new user needs.


An Open Cloud Computing Email to the IT Director from the CIO – Part 2/2

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In my last post, I wrote an email to a CIO from an IT director. While the communication was fictitious, the scenario was real-life. The following is my response from the CIO.

Dear Mr. IT Director,

Thank you for your note and your concerns. There isn’t another coworker that I feel deserves a vacation more than you. As you know, we constantly review how we run IT at ABC Company. If we are to start evaluating some of the services you mentioned, I want to make sure it is done right.

Exploring Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite

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Recently, Microsoft introduced a new suite of products designed to help organizations better manage their mobile environments.  It’s called Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Today I’m going to share details on the products it includes.  I’d also like to share how these products can help IT gain more control and save headaches during our rapidly growing mobile device era.  But first, for the benefit of the reader, let’s define what I mean by “mobile device.”


Sample Use Cases to Shake IT Cobwebs

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Reimagine the Possible

Today I want to offer ideas you can use to shake out the IT cobwebs.  These use cases could be exactly your challenge, part of your challenge or just what you need to reimagine what is possible with the world of automation.

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Cloud Video Meeting Rooms

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Video collaboration is getting to be a critical piece of any enterprise’s collaboration strategy. When more than two parties need to be in a meeting, the need for a video bridge becomes necessary.

In the past, this needed on-premises resources that were expensive and required capital expenditure. While this is still a viable option when security/compliance is critical, many organizations – especially in the small- to mid-market – are actively looking toward cloud solutions for the video bridging piece.

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Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite

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Today, as expected, Microsoft has announced the Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS). Over the past few years, Microsoft’s cloud focus has expanded from productivity and collaboration (Office 365), to total device management (Enterprise Management Suite) and now…Windows.