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Windows Server 2003 Retirement: Risk and Reward

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By now everyone knows that Windows Server 2003 is fast approaching end of life. But each organization needs to assess the impact, both in terms of the risks of not removing Windows Server 2003 from the infrastructure, and the rewards of deploying a current server OS in the data center. In this brief blog post, we will examine each, the risks and the benefits, with the hope that your organization will benefit.


An Open Cloud Computing Email to the CIO – Part 1/2

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In the following blog post, the people are make-believe, but their situation is real.

Dear Mr. CIO,

As you know, I have worked for ABC Company for the last 14 years. In this time, I have given my blood sweat and tears to this company with very little vacation time. Besides a day off here and there, you’ll find me with my ear in my phone and my face in my laptop the whole time.


Windows Server 2003 Retirement – Are You Ready?

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Indulge me with a trip down memory lane.  Let’s go back to 2003.  What a great year. Apple introduced iTunes, American Idol debuted on television and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.  In addition, Wikipedia was launched, the idea of Myspace (remember that) was born on a whiteboard and Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) entered Harvard – all in 2003.

On April 24, 2003, Microsoft released Windows Server 2003.  It has been supported for the last 11 years.  However, on July 14, 2015, Microsoft will cease creating updates, service patches, phone support and web support for the venerable operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 Announcement – Initial Impressions

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Today Microsoft held an event in San Francisco announcing the next version of Windows. There were a lot of rumors going into the event regarding the name and pricing. Some of those were answered, some were not, but there were definitely a few surprises.

The event featured Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president of operating systems and Joe Belfiore, Microsoft corporate vice president, operating systems group, giving a peek at an early build of Windows 10 along with offering insight into future direction. The event was open to a small group of industry insiders and was not live streamed. My thoughts in this post are based on my impressions and interpretations of multiple live blogs that took place during the event.