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The Value of Tapping into Managed Services

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Every day we talk with customers about making decisions regarding what I.T. services to maintain on-premises and which ones to shift to the cloud. This can be a somewhat daunting task, but I.T. professionals want and expect services to help them manage the decisions, transitions and ongoing operations. 


Businesses are Embracing Mobile Point of Sale – Is Yours Ready?

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In my last mPOS blog post, I talked about the definition of and the benefits behind mobile point of sale. To recap, mobile point of sale is essentially a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that acts as a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal (POSint-of-sale terminal).

A bad point of sale experience can cost a company customers. We’ve all heard the adage that “it’s easier to keep a customer happy than to find a new customer.” Not only is it easier – it’s far less expensive. In fact, the Chartered Institute of Marketing published a paper with the Cam Foundation that discusses this very concept. 


How Collaboration Tools Helped Transform a Finance Department

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The rapid pace of business change today doesn’t affect only product development and marketing – it also affects finance departments. Effective collaboration can be especially useful for finance departments that need to execute change quickly and effectively.

CDW’s own finance department offers a great case in point. The department recently undertook an extensive re-engineering process to improve efficiency, more closely align with evolving corporate strategy and better ensure regulatory compliance. This re-engineering called for fairly significant changes to the department’s core applications and procedures. 


Busting Myths about Healthcare and the Cloud

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The Discovery Channel has been airing a show since 2003 titled, “MythBusters.” The show’s hosts use elements of science and the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths and news stories. There’s been a lot of chatter about healthcare and the cloud, so let’s run our own MythBusters-style experiment on cloud technology and its adoption in the healthcare space. 


Internet of Things and Beacon Technology: Using iOS Apps, Cisco Meraki iBeacon and CafeX

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A new concept drawing a lot of attention these days is the Internet of Things or IoT. The idea is to make everything connect to the Internet so you can automate and control it.

Take, for example, industry segments like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, public safety and more. Each is trying to identify areas to improve the customer engagement experience by using mobile apps and beacon technology.

Now let’s take this scenario and amp it up a bit. Think of how we can transform retail engagement using IoT beacon technology to enhance the customer experience. 

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Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Recovery and the Cloud

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Disaster recovery (DR) is a constant conversation with customers. At the Microsoft Ignite conference this year, Manoj Kumar Jain (Principal Program Manager) referenced a few statistics on disaster recovery: Most organizations experience four-plus disruptions each year and the average cost of disruption is $1.5 million an hour. With the increasing popularity of public clouds, the question arises as to how to take advantage of them for disaster recovery. Let’s discuss the key elements of a DR solution, whether using a public cloud for disaster recovery can help, as well as things you need to consider. 

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What’s Driving Organizations to the Cloud Conclusion?

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Many people in IT take what the tech analyst firm Gartner has to say about anything very seriously. As a technologist, I am no different. Recently, Gartner put together a short one-hour presentation on their “Top 10 Cloud Myths.” I had to tune in.

While I agreed with all 10 myths outlined, a few of them jumped out at me as more important than others. That’s because they are not only myths that customers have and still struggle with, but also ones with which I have some real-life experience. 

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mPOS: Challenging but Absolutely Essential

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Mobile point-of-sale technology is transforming retail.

With mPOS, in-store salespeople can check back-room inventory while they’re in the aisle with a customer. If an item isn’t in stock, they can easily direct the customer to a nearby store that carries it or place an online order for the customer on the spot. 

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Data Deduplication for Primary Storage in Today’s Market

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Most all of us are familiar with data deduplication as it applies to data redundancy in backup storage. As you know, there are countless avenues to deduplication, from software backup applications, to deduplication appliances, to cloud targets. And the insertion of deduplication capabilities into the software stack of primary storage has been available for years, or longer in some cases. Yet, due to overriding concerns around performance questions, we have found most IT shops still a bit leery of primary storage deduplication.