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Cloud Computing – Start Small, Win Big

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The word “cloud” is thrown around today like the word “green” was about 5 years ago. With all that background noise, it becomes a problem to discern whether or not this technology is beneficial for an organization, or just another craze. To confuse issues more, there is rampant “cloud washing,” wherein products that are not cloud native are being branded as such to garner attention.

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Healthcare and the Cloud: A Warming Relationship

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For a long time, security concerns have hindered cloud computing implementation among healthcare organizations. The fact that this is changing is not unheard of if you consider that when the stethoscope was first invented in 1816, doctors originally thought it too cumbersome to use. By 1850, stethoscopes were widely used among most doctors.

In fact, history is full of examples where emerging technologies have been met with initial skepticism. But now it would be hard to imagine our lives without them. For example: the personal computer or the mobile device…and yes, admittedly, I am one of THOSE whose smartphone is connected to me nearly 24/7.

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 6000 – Why You Should Consider It

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While every organization’s priority for technology consumption is different, this solution offers up flexibility and customization to meet your needs.  Along with what everyone uses (dial tone and voicemail); Cisco has included many applications to whet your appetite.

Starting with as few as 25 end users, the solution can scale to 1,000 users. There is a smorgasbord of functionality that you can offer to all or some of your employees.  Business Edition 6000 offers numerous ways to customize and satisfy even the most sophisticated consumer – at a reasonable cost.

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Top 9 Reasons to Use Microsoft Office 365

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What are the top nine reasons to employ Office 365 in your business? First, what is Office 365? 
Office 365 is a subscription-based online suite of software products that improve business productivity.  The most popular components under the Office 365 brand are Exchange Online (email) and Office 365 ProPlus, the familiar desktop application products used daily (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote and the Lync and Outlook clients).  SharePoint Online (cloud-based file sharing and storage) and Lync Online (instant messaging, presence and web conferencing) finish out the top four components.  Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest selling product with revenues growing over 100 percent quarterly.


Look Before You Leap: All Clouds Are Not Created Equal

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It’s been an amazing day at Cloud & Such – no bothersome customer calls and the power has only gone out twice in the data center (aka parents’ garage). However, the propane-powered generator kicked in both times. Game of Thrones plays on the large screen monitor that doubles as a computer display. Walking outside the single-family home, the CEO adjusts a spray painted sign which reads “SSAE 15-1/2 | Security Monitored.”  Suddenly, a 1990′s corded phone rings and everyone looks perplexed. What if it’s a customer calling about a frozen application – spinning beach ball – or worse, upset that there’s no compute, memory or disk capacity available on a quarter rack of hardware (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS-cloud) that had been sold as an under-subscribed resource model!

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Product Review: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 Rugged Tablet

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Field workers have never had more choice when it comes to devices enabling them to extend their enterprise to the front lines. In my role as a public safety technology specialist, I’m often tasked with making “fitness-of-purpose” recommendations. I develop confidence in equipment through real world testing beyond advertised operational parameters. My customers will use these devices so I’ve got to go there first.