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Data Centers and Path Optimization

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Today’s business drivers are demanding continuous application availability for not only office staff but also the growing  telecommute community. To meet these challenges, we are seeing more  IT chiefs moving away from a primary data center and backup  disaster recovery (DR) data center to an active-active data center architecture.


Yes, There is Now Microsoft Office for the iPad

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Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of Office for iPad. This is exciting news for iPad users who want the ability to view, create, and edit Office documents on their iPad with touch-friendly apps. Before organizations can address this news with their iPad users, it’s important for them to understand how this announcement may impact their investment in Microsoft licensing.


Don’t Let Heartbleed Break Your Heart

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The recently publicized “Heartbleed” SSL/TLS bug has received a tremendous amount of media coverage and, deservedly, a significant amount of concern amongst the IT security community. Rather than rehash the same information that has been shared repeatedly, I would like to offer some philosophical commentary, concise guidance, and additional resources to the IT community as a whole.


XP EOL – Why Move to Windows 8

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Now that we are confronted with Windows XP’s end of support (April 8th, 2014), more and more organizations are beginning to realize the urgency in needing to move off of Windows XP. At the end of 2013, about 36 percent of respondents to a Spiceworks survey said they planned to have at least one XP instance in production after XP’s end-of-support date.


What is Same Sign On Anyway?

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There has been a fair amount of confusion and misinformation surrounding authentication for Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365. The intent of this post is to help get us all on the same page on this issue, especially when it comes deploying solutions for authentication to cloud services.


5 Things Your Organization Can Do to Improve Security

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One of the great things about being on the security assessment team is the ability to work with companies to truly improve their overall security posture. Sure, it’s interesting to talk about zero-days and exotic exploits against systems they don’t have, but in most cases, it doesn’t hold particular relevance.


Capital Markets and the Cloud

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Keeping pace with shifting marketplace conditions, exploding volumes of complex data and ever-more pressing compliance mandates is stretching capital markets firms’ IT infrastructures and budgets to the max. But cloud computing can offer an assist.


Microsoft Surface 2 – My New Travel Companion

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How productive can you really be with a tablet instead of a full laptop? Can you get real work done? Or will the tablet limit you to second rate or less productive work? I decided to put those questions to the test during a recent day trip to Chicago.