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Social Media and the Changing Contact Center

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Gone are the days when a customer calls a company or writes to complain.  They still write, but no longer to the CEO or some other board member of the organization.  They write to social media.

Customers still have complaints, like they always have. But their methods and how companies communicate back have changed significantly.  If organizations are not monitoring their brands on the litany of social media websites, a simple customer complaint can run viral, turning into a major public relations firestorm.

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Cisco adds TrustSec Inline Security Group Tagging (SGT) to the ASA

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Starting in Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software version 9.3.1, Cisco has added inline Security Group Tagging (SGT) support to the ASA-5500X and 5585X product lines.

If you are not familiar with SGT aka TrustSec, it allows you to tag a packet with an identity field as it travels through the network. Why would anyone want to do that, and why is it nice to have TrustSec on the ASA?

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Activating a New Microsoft Office 365 Volume License Subscription

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Office 365 introduces a drastically new way of managing your Microsoft Applications. In many ways, this is a positive change allowing you to gain insight into and control over the software deployed in your environment.

However, if this is your first Microsoft Office 365 Subscription, the activation process can be somewhat confusing. Here we will look at the major steps that you will take before you can begin using Office 365.


Snow Takes the Uncertainty Out of SAP Licensing

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Software licensing today is complex. But certain publishers and licensing programs take complexity to a higher level.  SAP would have to be one of the publishers in the latter category.  Within the SAP licensing scheme, there are multiple categories which include developer, professional, limited professional, employee and employee self-service. 


Beyond Office 365 – Identity and Security in Azure?

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Organizations subscribe to Microsoft Office 365; they synchronize their Active Directory and enable single sign-on (SSO). What they do not know is that they now have a bunch of capabilities available to them, many of them free, from their Microsoft Azure tenant. Yes, you heard correctly, their Azure tenant. But, wait a minute Pat; you said they subscribed to Office 365, not Azure. So how can they have an Azure tenant? Glad you asked.

Predictive Analytics and Healthcare: I Can See the Future

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Predictive analytics, otherwise known as data mining or advanced analytics, has become an area of increased interest in many industries. Predictive analytics leverages existing data sets and statistical algorithms to create models that predict future outcomes. With the advent of Big Data, large data sets combined with predictive analytics have led to jaw-dropping results.

To understand why, imagine a game show where you are asked to identify what picture is being slowly revealed square by square. As each piece of the larger picture is revealed, the chances of you accurately identifying the full picture increase. Similarly, the new ubiquity of data in fields – like healthcare – has increased the utility of predictive analytics.


Backup vs. Disaster Recovery – Before and After the Cloud

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During my senior year in college (unfortunately many moons ago), I recall an instance where I was furiously trying to finish my senior design lab project with my teammates. Somewhat delirious from lack of sleep and too much caffeine, we were finishing the final pieces of our 200-page proposal and thesis together when the unthinkable happened: blue screen on my laptop.

Cloud Computing Delivers IT, You Take Care of Business

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The date was June 5th, 1895 and Jedidiah Collinsworth, CFO for General Corporation was having a very perplexing day.  General Corporation was the largest maker of hammers in its time.  However, the greatest cost to the business was generating power onsite via company owned generators.  Every month the bills would stack up to the ceiling to cover the maintenance, new parts and full-time employees it took to generate electric power.  Collinsworth thought to himself, “WE MAKE HAMMERS, NOT ELECTRICITY!”  Three months later, an accountant working for Jedidiah stopped by his office. “Sir, there’s some men at the door, claiming they can sell us power – something called a utility.  We would just flip the switch and only pay for what is consumed.  Is this black magic?”