Data can be found everywhere in today’s digital universe.

We create content on desktop computers, share it with coworkers and partners across internal and external networks, and send it to our team members via messaging and collaboration tools. Employees regularly connect to enterprise information systems and databases from anywhere, at any time, via tablets and smartphones, to access information that helps them do their jobs.

It’s no surprise then that managers continue to focus on ways to secure and protect their organization’s data as it flows across and beyond enterprise boundaries. After all, data has become most businesses’ critical corporate asset, along with the people who create the intellectual content that helps business thrive.

That’s why Microsoft’s new approach to security tools is appealing. With its Secure Productive Enterprise bundle, Microsoft adds more teeth to the protective features in its widely deployed office productivity tools, secure mobile management and identity access management solutions. The SPE bundle comes on the heels of the release of the most secure Windows operating systems to date — Windows 10 Enterprise — helping IT teams ensure that no matter where corporate data resides or travels, they can protect it.

In reality, SPE is a bundle of bundles because it consists of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based platform that includes Microsoft Outlook email, SharePoint collaboration, Skype for Business communications, office productivity tools and OneDrive for Business storage — as well as workflow capabilities and a unique visual search engine called Delve. Employees can create documents, share files, assign tasks, start blogs, build workflows and save documents directly to OneDrive for Business.

So It Begins

The enterprise data story begins with Office 365, which lets users not only create content specific to their role and establish intellectual property collections within an organization, but also manage organizational and customer data.

The cloud-based Office 365 makes productivity possible anywhere and on any device, which might make managers wonder how they can possibly shield corporate data from malicious attacks as their businesses increasingly adopt bring-your-own-device strategies and cloud services.

Well, Enterprise Mobility and Security (formerly Enterprise Mobility Suite) — also bundled into SPE — can handle that. EMS consists of mobile device management and Azure Active Directory Premium, which enhances identity and security management in cloud environments and supports rights management services.

When using EMS, a business’s IT team can set rights management policies to protect documents based on who should be allowed to access them on the network, what security settings to specify for devices granted access to data and whether people outside the organization should have on-network privileges.

Bridge to the Desktop

Windows 10 Enterprise extends this data protection layer to the desktop, offering a greater level of protection than Windows 10 Pro through enhanced capabilities such as BitLocker. Most recently, Microsoft has bolstered BitLocker to allow encryption for both full drives and portable drives. Plus, with Windows 10, BitLocker now includes data loss prevention capabilities to protect individual files.

Overall, Windows 10 Enterprise offers sophisticated security features to help businesses safeguard sensitive data and identities, protect devices from cyberattack and give an increasingly mobile workforce the flexibility to securely access sensitive data on a variety of devices.

For Companies of All Sizes

Don’t think that SPE is just a rebranding of the Enterprise Cloud Suite. Microsoft developed ECS primarily for large enterprises. But by pairing the bundled SPE solutions with Windows 10 Enterprise, it has created an approach that lets organizations customize a secure end-to-end productivity solution no matter their size.

Often companies have had to manage office productivity, content creation, collaboration, mobility and security in a piecemeal fashion. Many have started to take a more integrated approach by adopting Office 365 to let their users create content, collaborate and communicate wherever they roam. But security in that everywhere, anytime environment still had to be layered on top — and was admittedly more challenging for smaller organizations. SPE changes that dynamic.

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