If you have invested in any of Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions – such as Azure, Office 365, Intune and Enterprise Mobility Suite – it is likely you’ve heard the term Digital Partner of Record or DPOR for short.

However, most customers are at least a little unclear – and even hesitant – on actually naming a DPOR. A lot of value can be driven by establishing a DPOR relationship with a partner, so it is important to understand the intentions of that relationship.

What Is DPOR?

Microsoft introduced the concept of a DPOR to clearly identify the partner providing key support and lifecycle services for their customer’s cloud subscription(s). It is not the partner who sold the subscription, unless they are helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage the cloud service. DPOR is established at the subscription level, with one DPOR allowed per subscription.

How Does DPOR Benefit Me?

By naming a partner like CDW as your DPOR, your organization will benefit from the partner’s ability to help monitor monthly usage and consumption. Your partner can more easily identify areas of opportunity for you to optimize your usage scenarios and purchasing models leading to your desired business outcomes. In addition, your partner is enabled to qualify for Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) cloud competencies directly with Microsoft. This further ensures your partner is in the best position to support your cloud needs long term. Finally, identifying a DPOR provides accountability for the partner by Microsoft to ensure you are being successfully managed throughout the lifecycle of your agreement.

Note: Designating a partner as DPOR does not result in the partner having access to any personal information of your users nor to the data you store in the Microsoft Online services, unless you add the partner into an administrative role.

How Do I Designate a DPOR?

Designating a partner as DPOR is straight forward and does not cost anything. The administrator role, also known as the owner, is the only role within the customer’s tenant or account that can attach a Digital Partner of Record. Service admins, co-admins, and partners designated as delegated admins do not have the ability to change the Partner of Record.

You can contact your CDW account manager to learn more.

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