With the acquisition of Broadsoft, Cisco is getting a true cloud contact center platform. The company announced the rebranding at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, ushering in the Cisco Customer Journey Experience. Broadsoft’s contact center product — now known as the Cisco Customer Journey Platform — is the first to adopt this new name.

Customer Journey Experience Versions

So, in the end, the solution set will include the following components.

On-Premises Systems:

  • This is the traditional Contact Center Enterprise. Although with the release of version v.12, the packaged version will be greatly enhanced, supporting more agents. This version will also have reference design architecture changes scaling up Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE). Cisco is working on ways to allow this to run in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for those who would like to consume the platform in that model.
  • Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX): This version will also have some enhancements to interfaces, and more features coming in v.12 as well.

Private Cloud:

  • This will be the traditional Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) offering that will allow users to either do UCCX or the Enterprise Contact Center. This version is delivered in a partner’s hosted multi-tenant cloud offering.

Public Cloud:

  • This will be the Customer Journey Platform. This is run from AWS and will be the pure cloud contact center play. Cisco is slating this to be the 21- to 300-seat contact center arena, although that will likely change over time.

Changes to Licensing and Consumption

Not only are the product sets evolving but also the licensing and consumption. In the next few months, Cisco will likely unveil its Flex Licensing for the Customer Journey Experience. Flex is a subscription-based method of consuming your licenses that will allow you to move between the models of Contact Center without having to purchase or upgrade/downgrade licenses. You buy a premium flex license for on-premises Enterprise Contact Center and if you want to move 21 users to the cloud, for instance, you can do it. This is Cisco’s way of allowing customers to consume the various flavors of contact center more easily and quickly, while giving the customer the ability to move between them. There will be some caveats for sure, but this new model will be the way of the future.

The Beginning of the Customer Journey Platform

This year, Cisco Live gave customers a glimpse of what is coming in v.12 from a user experience perspective. It gave people insights into the new Customer Journey Platform. It also laid out the Customer Journey business unit’s short-term objectives and roadmaps. New things are happening in the business units for Cisco, and change, in this case, is not going to be a bad thing.

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