As of March 5, 2016, customers may have noticed a change in their VIP (Value Incentive Plan) portal when trying to add a new seat and place the order through CDW. The price may have been lower than expected which is, of course, a pleasant surprise.  This blog will help clarify the subtle changes Adobe made to the VIP program to reward customers for investing in Adobe subscription-based products.

VIP Select Membership

Adobe quietly shifted the VIP-tiered thresholds for VIP members from a 50 seat minimum down to a 10 seat minimum. Much like Adobe’s CLP program, the more one spends up front, the more one saves. Below is a chart that describes the new thresholds. It also highlights the old thresholds for so that one can easily compare the differences. Quite the savings!


Again similar to the CLP program, as long as a customer maintains a seat count within the various discount levels, they will receive the same tiered discounts on any future purchase all throughout the year, no matter the size. This is great for companies that might be ready to migrate a few departments to VIP Select.  It will lock in the higher level discount, as well as allow for additional seats to be added as needed without losing out on a great deal. Given these changes, customers will be able to take advantage of discounts much sooner.

How to Qualify

Customers can qualify for VIP select in two ways:

table 2

Additional Savings with VIP Select  3 Year Commit

As budgets get tighter our customers are always looking for ways to buy smarter. VIP Select 3 Year Commit is a great option for those customers who maintain a steady annual seat count.  Very simply, once a customer is VIP Select L2 or higher, they have the option to sign up for 3 Year Commit within the VIP Portal. Below is a breakdown showing the total discounts at different 3 Year Commit tier levels.

Table 3

For up to three years, the customer must maintain, at minimum, the same seat count that was in their portal the day they signed up for 3 Year Commit. So, in other words, they cannot reduce seat count at their annual renewal, as they are committed to this seat total to receive additional savings. Renewals still occur annually just like they normally would. Just like VIP Select, the same level discount is extended to any size purchase within the 3 year term.

Rewarding the Customer

Adobe has always rewarded the customer for investing in their product. They are now taking those rewards two steps further. By making it easier to be a part of a great discount level and adding extra cost reduction for making a 3 year commitment, Adobe is showing their appreciation for their new and ongoing partnerships.

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