Technology is changing how learning happens. As mobile devices and computers become more of an integral part of students’ lives, teachers have started using them to help their students with schoolwork outside of the classroom.

But today, we’re starting to experience the connected classroom. Expanding internet capabilities are also expanding the 4 walls where learning traditionally takes place. And this is letting teachers incorporate new forms of exciting information right into the curriculum. And it’s revolutionizing education in several ways.

Education on the Go

Tablets, notebooks, and phones are mainstays for students today. And that’s an understatement. Students have grown up with technology, and expect the same type of connectivity and access to information at school that they have at home. And now educators have turned to devices to create mobile education solutions.

Bringing the Entire World into the Classroom

HTML is creating new ways that are turning video and content distribution into actual learning tools that benefit all students—especially those who learn visually. By letting them interact with visuals in a new way, HTML 5 lets teachers bring the entire world into the classroom with video and 3D graphics.

From Chromebooks to advancing internet capabilities, the learning environment is changing. Find out how you can harness technology to keep up.

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