Do you know where your data is? If your organization is like most, you may have your email on Microsoft Exchange, your virtual environment through VMware and you may even have an application or two living in Amazon Web Services. Then, there is all the data sitting on your physical infrastructure, as well as the growing amount of data living in the cloud.

The modern data landscape has many moving pieces. How are you going to protect it all? How do you centralize the management of data protection for all the disparate resources within your environment? Even if you are able to gather all of this data in a single place, how are you going to restore it in the event of a data loss?

If you are like many organizations, you have multiple backup and recovery software suites within your environment. Perhaps you have one suite to protect the virtual space, and a second for cloud data and applications. Or perhaps you have one suite for the Windows environment, and another for Linux/Unix.

No matter how you have decided to slice up the data protection environment, having multiple solutions to manage data protection and recovery can increase costs, decrease efficiency and negatively affect your recovery time.

Finding a Single Backup Solution

Veritas provides a great solution to combine all the disparate pieces of your data environment. Veritas NetBackup not only creates a single coherent plan to respond to the changing data environment, but it also offers a variety of options for data recovery.

NetBackup is packed with numerous features that enable the protection of physical and virtual infrastructure, both on premises or in the cloud. NetBackup not only protects data in live applications and in repositories, but it also provides many options for recovering this data.

Whether you are looking for a disaster recovery plan that includes restoration of your critical servers to the cloud, or you need to recover that data to a dedicated standby data center, NetBackup has you covered.

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