Your Computer is now your Phone.

In fact, your monitor is also your phone.  And the same holds true for that display on the wall.  Read on to see how Cisco’s DX80 brings everything you need to be productive in one sleek integrated device.

Today there are so many ways to communicate: via phone, instant messaging (IM), video, as well as web sharing applications.  End users are used to these applications being one seamless experience in their personal lives.  Now they are looking for that functionality at the office too.  

Luckily, top Unified Commination and Collaboration (UCC) manufactures are making that a reality.  Today vendors are no longer looking at these applications as point products.  Rather they see UCC as a platform engine to enable users to go from an IM chat to a video call to adding and deleting participates on the fly and to sharing content – all in a seamless single interface.  It’s one in which users do not even realize they are interacting in various communication applications.

Being applications, UCC has always been available on any hardware device, allowing your laptop to take the place of your desktop phone or really any IP endpoint for that matter.  But now Cisco is taking that concept one step further with its new line of video endpoints that include touch screen displays as an endpoint option.

The Cisco DX80 is a great example of this.  It is a sleek 23-inch touch screen display with an integrated HD 1080p camera and intelligent audio feature to eliminate background noise that replaces the need for a desktop phone and USB webcams.  This space-saving design works like a smartphone with its Android operating system.  But when not using it for phone calls or video conversations, it becomes a desktop monitor.


Cisco has made it affordable too.  A replacement for the EX60 line, the MSRP has been reduced by over 55 percent.  In fact, Cisco has dropped their prices on all their endpoints between 30 and 70 percent.  Soon organizations will be able to empower all their users to have the same immersive conversation over video at work as they do at home.

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