Most organizations spend massive amounts of time, energy and financial resources trying to make their corporate networks as secure and reliable as possible.

That’s important, of course — necessary, even. But it’s no longer sufficient.

Many employees spend a significant portion (or even the majority) of their time working on cellular and wireless networks that don’t belong to and aren’t managed by their organizations. If those networks are hampering performance or creating security vulnerabilities, the impact to companies will be nearly the same as if their own networks were experiencing problems.

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Tools from vendors such as NetMotion give organizations increased visibility into outside networks, as well as the ability to exercise more control over those connections than before. As a result, IT teams can help employees to be productive and secure, no matter where they connect.

Deeper Understanding of Network Performance

Emerging tools provide visibility into the performance of external cellular and wireless networks, and give organizations diagnostic tools that lead to performance improvements. If employees’ smartphones are pinging a cellular tower that isn’t providing an optimal connection, for instance, or if performance could be enhanced by switching devices from cellular to Wi-Fi in certain circumstances, these issues will show up in the diagnostic data.

Better visibility can help organizations to optimize costs and improve performance. Many companies pool their mobile data, and increased visibility may reveal that a few employees are chewing through the bulk of the available data for nonwork tasks, such as streaming entertainment on their commutes. By tracking down and remediating such problems, businesses can free up the data they’re paying for while driving down costs.

Enhanced Reliability

While speed is important, network reliability may be even more critical. For example, dropped calls are a problem for any user, but if the phone of a company’s chief executive is dropping several calls a week, drastic consequences could ensue, such as a major business deal falling through. Mobile visibility and diagnostics can help IT teams to root out such problems before executives or employees reach out for help.

Tools from vendors such as NetMotion can also provide persistent connection capabilities, minimizing reliability issues and allowing employees and company leaders to keep working without logging back in to their applications when they lose a connection.

Improved Security

NetMotion’s mobile security tools can encrypt traffic flowing between employees’ mobile devices and external networks, helping to protect enterprise data. Also, increased visibility capabilities can help IT teams to determine which data and applications a network is accessing on employees’ mobile devices. By identifying potential spoof networks, organizations can set up tools to automatically disconnect from networks connections that raise red flags.

For years, some organizations resisted mobility — precisely because they feared losing control and visibility over their environments — until it became practically impossible not to support mobile devices and applications. Now, emerging tools are helping IT shops to get back the control and visibility they need.