Talk is cheap, can you really deliver?

Putting your trust in another company to deliver critical communications to your organization can overwhelm any decision maker. You need to feel confident that you select a partner who is able to address any of your concerns, deliver and support what they promise.   CDW has been hosting applications for fifteen years and providing managed services for ten years now, and has made a significant investment with the CDW Cloud Collaboration hosted solution.

CDW has completed over 4,000 Unified Communications On-Premise projects, which includes the design and implementation services for each customer.  Moving to a hosted solution really does not change how you customize or deliver your solution, it impacts where equipment is deployed and how it is expensed.

Auto-pilot doesn’t mean loss of control

It’s human nature to trust what you can touch and feel, ever wonder how a pilot might feel the first time auto-pilot is pushed?  You are not losing any control, you are merely handing some key responsibilities over to another who has specialized skillsets.  Like the Federal Aviation Association, CDW Cloud Collaboration hosted solution adheres to industry processes and controls.

Moves, Adds and Changes can be accommodated two ways:

  1. A customer portal with two user interfaces:
    1. Administrator portal which allows you access to customize feature packages, and make changes to users and services.
    2. End user portal that allows your users to view and make changes (if you provide privileges) to their unified communications applications.
    3.  Provisioning completed by a CDW engineer.

If your organization has the requirement to integrate with proprietary technology or deploy applications that are not supported by a cloud solution, not a problem.  It is very common to implement a blended or hybrid environment.

In fact, many organizations who have implemented unified communications on-premise on their own, begin with the best intentions, to deliver a collaborative solution to their employees.  Reality sometimes hits when the upgrade/roll-out takes a little longer than planned either due to unforeseen challenges or resource constraints that result in either halting, delaying or partially deploying.   And the money and resources invested by the organization are not realized immediately.   A hosted solution provides value to the organization because the applications are deployed/upgraded as part of your subscription.  A hosted environment will provide your organization with the ability to deliver solutions quickly with the flexibility to scale.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither was CDW’s security model

Let’s break it down, there are multiple security layers to the CDW Cloud Collaboration, and below is a high level synopsis.

  • Applications.  Because each customer’s environment is unique, your organization may require customization to provide greater flexibility, design and support.  Each application deployed, such as your call processing environment, encompasses only your organization.  You don’t share applications, however you may share hardware.
  • Access Layer.  Besides the firewall between the customer premise and the Data Center, and the firewall inside the extranet VPN, the extranet VPN provides one way route visibility and one customer cannot see another customer’s routes!   Consideration to the secure design encompasses so much more from the CDW Edge and Core layers, the Aggregation Layer, the Access Layer, to the Customer Premise. Firewalls, inside and outside NATs, IPSEC Tunneling, Infrastructure ACLs, QoS , VLANs and so on have been engineered to make this solution secure.


Predictability of your $

CAPEX avoidance?  OPEX savings?  It’s really all about lifecycle cost reduction, isn’t it?

With CDW Cloud Collaboration, your organization may lease or purchase your on-premise equipment such as voice gateways, POE switches, phones and bandwidth.  What you are not buying is the hardware platform to run the applications on, the end user licenses, subscription services and software support.  You are not responsible for migrating software to new hardware platforms or upgrading users to new software releases or ongoing support and maintenance or spending hours in conference rooms strategizing these activities.

The spend is predictable and simple.  A subscriber fee per month.

Be there when you need IT most

The CDW Cloud Collaboration centers are manned 24×7 with resources available to assist you with any changes to your environment as well as support and monitor your environment.  CDW has employed two hundred engineers in the USA.As you can see, a CDW Cloud Collaboration solution should ease any concerns you have.  After all, CDW provides you with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement for redundant configurations (99.5% for non-redundant systems). Contact your Account Manager, let’s start talking!



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