While gestures, facial expressions and other visual feedback are vital to collaboration, none of these translate through teleconferencing methods. Video conferencing, on the other hand, enables the sort of effective dialogue that successful meetings require.

The problem, however, is that managing video conferencing systems and endpoints is a complicated, time-consuming burden on IT staff. The capital investment required to purchase the necessary infrastructure can also be daunting. 

These difficulties make managed services the clear choice for businesses. Powered by Cisco Systems’ Hosted Collaboration Solution, CDW’s Cloud Collaboration (CCC) video endpoint registration service handles the job from a secure, state-of-the-art data center.

Lower Barrier to Entry

The barrier to entry for video conferencing drops significantly because organizations no longer need to buy and install appropriate collaboration technologies such as call control systems, management systems, address books and servers. In addition, with a cloud-based service, IT shops can preserve investments in legacy equipment and communicate with any industry-standard SIP or H.323 video conferencing endpoint.

Customers tell me that creating a new video collaboration solution can be a drain on their budgets. With Video Registration, a low monthly subscription fee allows organizations to better predict expenses and expand deployment as needed.

Managed video endpoint registration services also provide faster time to implementation. Unlike a typical video conferencing network, which can take several months to install and configure, cloud-based services can be set up within a few days or even hours.

Once the solution is rolled out across the organization, employees will have access to a wealth of collaboration tools, such as Cisco Jabber – a tool allowing access to presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing.

And because the service isn’t tied to a particular location, professionals can connect when and where they want via desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones or any flagship Cisco video conferencing units.

When professionals enjoy smooth, on-the-go access to their peers, partners and clients, businesses benefit. And when enterprise communication is facilitated by a cost-effective managed service, the advantages are even more pronounced.

Video Registration is one component of the CDW Cloud Collaboration Suite. This set of collaboration tools and apps deploys from the cloud, so there’s no infrastructure to maintain or upfront financial burden to shoulder.

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