When it comes to sports stadiums and arenas, you may have the right team in place, but do you have the right technology?

It is time to evaluate your environment, and consider how new technologies can improve your business. Not only can your business improve internally, but the fan experience can be elevated. Fans expectations have changed and those expectations are driving a new way of sports consumption. Are you able to deliver what the fans are demanding?

Together new technologies were delivered starting with a Unified Communications Infrastructure.

Contact Center

  • The call center is a key focus when discussing the overall needs for a new solution. The call center needs to have the following impact: reduce average call time, increase call volume, improve hold times and increase ticket sales.
  • Prioritization of calls by screen popping customer records enables the agents to efficiently accommodate the different tiers of customers
  • Mass communication enablement allows the organization to keep fans informed of weather issues, game delays, etc. which improves the overall customer/fan experience.
  • Call recording for agents allows them to be PCI compliant.

Productivity Tools

  • A single Inbox provides the seamless integration of voicemail and email. Voicemails are now another message that can be managed from an email inbox.
  • Executives and sales people utilize soft phones to enable a work anytime from anywhere environment.
  • IM and presence are additional capabilities that allow immediate interaction benefitting not only the corporate employees, but also scouts.
    • Scouts need the ability to interact with the corporate office as though they were sitting there, so that they can efficiently provide details on potential diamonds in the ruff.
    • Jabber makes it easy for the scouts to instant message and video conference to discuss a player and have a faster real-time connection.

Video Technologies

  • Teams deploying video technologies win in many areas. If the right infrastructure is in place to support video, meetings can be more efficient, meetings can be recorded and streamed live, and content can be shared – improving the productivity of those involved.
  • Scouts can take advantage of video for recruiting capabilities. They can have face-to-face interviews with players and agents without leaving their office.
  • The fan experience can be improved by deploying kiosks throughout the stadium.
    • In addition to other screens deployed throughout the stadium, and in the suites, kiosks give fans the best of an in-home experience at the venue.
    • Fans are more likely to leave their seats if they are able to stay connected to the game.
    • Kiosks can serve as a station for way-finding so a fan can locate the nearest bathroom, food item or pro shop.
    • Interactive kiosks can offer player stats, player development, ticket purchases, surveys, promotions or giveaway prizes.
    • Fans can even upload video recordings to be able to see themselves on the jumbotron.

Stadium Vision

Sports arenas are looking to leverage other efficiencies and here is where we see a win for everyone.

  • Communicate with target audiences anywhere throughout the venue on different sized displays using Stadium Vision.
  • Customizing the displays offers the flexibility to advertise the content to target your fans.
  • Specific, targeted content can be delivered to certain areas of the venue including suites, elevators, public space areas and even mobile devices.

Social Miner

Social Media is pervasive. How can you use it to improve the experience?

  • Social Miner is a tool that allows you to respond in real time to fans posts and comments.
  • Live social feeds can be shared throughout the stadium on all sizes of screens.

We are a technology driven society. Offering technology enhancements can help retain existing and attract new fans. In addition, the people and processes that you have in place can be optimized with the implementation of some or all of the technologies referenced above.

What are some fan experiences you’ve had that wowed you? Comment below.