Amazon may be the 800-pound gorilla in modern retailing, but it’s not without weaknesses that savvy competitors can exploit. Consider this: A coffee connoisseur is eyeing a highly rated espresso maker but has a question about how the milk frother works. The site’s crowdsourced Q&A on the product offers no ready answer to her question, so she opens a new browser tab and starts Googling.

Suddenly, she’s on your website, which quickly serves up the needed information and shows how a shopper can either conveniently order the espresso maker or pick it up at a nearby store. You’ve just made a sale because you’ve delivered on the Holy Grail of omnichannel retail: exceptional customer service.

What turns this dream into reality? For many of the retailers I meet today in my role as a senior contact center engineer, it’s a portfolio of cloud-based customer engagement solutions from eGain. These solutions enable retailers to:

  • Provide prompt, proactive, personal answers for customers, no matter what communication channel they’re using
  • Reduce the effort of the customer’s buying journey
  • Help customer-service agents handle all inquiries with guided knowledge and content tools
  • Manage and measure customer service operations from one central location

Information in an Instant 

The eGain solution is able to accomplish all this thanks to some important, foundational components. The first is a knowledge-based platform that lets product and service specialists create and store written reports that can be distributed to customers seeking information. This enables retailers to set up self-service areas on their websites so consumers can get much of the information they need without the aid of a customer service representative.

When shoppers need more, chat and email services give them options to interact directly with a rep. Behind the scenes, eGain ties these resources into the knowledge base and automatically serves up relevant answers. Retailers can also choose to deliver answers via a virtual agent, or chatbot, to augment or replace live agent interactions.

Responding to social media communications is also vital for modern retailers. Whether consumers send messages directly to a company via this channel or post comments about the company in public conversations, eGain can monitor the interactions and queue them up to agents, who then decide on appropriate responses.

Of course, phone calls remain a vital channel for customer service interactions, so I typically recommend that retailers consider pairing eGain with Cisco telephony services. CDW implementation specialists can combine these two core technologies into a fully integrated customer-service platform. It’s a killer combination that provides a complete solution to engage shoppers at each step of their buying journey.

A Win for Everyone

The retailers we work with report a wide range of benefits, starting with lower costs for each interaction with consumers and significantly lower call-resolution times.

By putting relevant information at agents’ fingertips, eGain creates a win-win situation for retailers and consumers alike. Retailers get the benefit of greater customer satisfaction, all while reducing costs – which means retailers can worry a little less about that certain oversized competitor.

To learn more about how retailers are connecting with data and improving customer satisfaction, download the CDW Retail Innovators Report.

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