While there is no doubt a lot of publicity around E5, I find that it can still be confusing for customers to navigate. I’d like to take a few moments to cover some high points of E5 and how it can help transform your business. This is the first part of a blog series on E5 and its various components, so stay tuned over the next few weeks for a deep dive into the suite. And, if you haven’t already, check out my colleague’s blog post when the E5 release date was announced this past summer.

Meet the E5 Suite

E5 is the flagship licensing vehicle for Microsoft’s Productivity suite. To me, E5 is a platform for true business transformation. If you look at the individual components of E5, you will see that each one is designed to take your business to places it has never been before. The bundle is broken down into three core areas of focus. Each one of these areas will be the focal point of a future blog post in this series.


Who Should Consider E5?

First, allow me to say that E5 is about transformational workloads. This platform is for customers who are looking to go beyond the normal productivity enhancers and truly transform their business and its processes. That being said, here are a few key indicators that can tell you if E5 may be right for you. If any of these applies to your business, you should explore what E5 brings to the table:

  • You are looking at upgrading or replacing your existing telephony platform
  • You need a more effective approach to meetings
  • You want to leverage the data in your organization to find new opportunities and synergies among teams
  • You need a better way to secure your data and manage it in the context of legal and regulatory needs
  • You currently own the E4 or ECS suite

Important Details

While we will dive much deeper into each of the workloads of E5 in the coming weeks, there are a few important details to bear in mind as you consider the platform as a whole. Let’s take a look at the following:

How to Purchase

The E5 suite can be purchased starting December 1 through the Microsoft licensing programs listed below.




Paths to E5

Existing Office 365 and ECS customers have several options when moving to E5:


Add-On Pricing

Customers wishing to purchase single components of E5 can do so with add-on licensing.


Additional Information

Stay tuned for the next part in the series, Modern Collaboration with Skype for Business, which will focus on the Conferencing and Cloud PBX aspects of E5. In the meantime, here are a few links to additional resources:

As always, CDW is here every step of the way to answer your questions, so feel free to leave a comment for me below or contact your account manager for more information.