By now all of us have downloaded hundreds of apps onto our devices with the supreme pleasure of having them work 90% of the time as advertised. The few, small problems occur such as crashes, missing information and general problems with viewing and working around the application. With feedback in app stores, these may slowly be fixed if the developer is watching and wants to keep your satisfaction in check.


Not all Enterprise customers have ventured into the tricky arena of developing their own apps, let alone working with a 3rd party. Many of us are still trolling through the public app store searching for that perfect turn-key application that will change our business for the better and we end up researching ourselves into a endless loop and eventually end up pulling all of our hair out.

Well I am here to tell you that there is a bright light coming your way that will help guide your search by presenting applications that have already been built for your specific business model, and put into a single location with detailed descriptors and contact information to mobility professionals as well as the developer themselves.

Introducing the CDW Application Marketplace

Is the CDW App Marketplace an App Store like Google and Apple? No, but what it is may be even better.

The App Marketplace is an all in one location for a number of our vendors who are currently creating real applications for customers in your business model and have agreed to post them here as a show-and-tell type of environment. This allows you to look at and see what can be done in the real world that meets your business and then work with our professional staff and vendors to plan, create, test and rollout your application in a method that fits your needs directly for any platform you are using.

“For enterprise organizations, creating a solid mobile strategy and building customized, enterprise-level mobile apps are key when it comes to driving client engagement, increasing productivity, empowering field workers and leveraging sales capabilities. Our experiences working with enterprise clients continually inform one of our core beliefs: employees use and gravitate toward the apps their companies provide when they are of the same quality as the consumer-facing apps they download from app stores. CDW’s App Marketplace puts us in contact with the kinds of businesses and organizations we’d like to connect with to create these kinds of quality, end-to-end mobile solutions for.”  – Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree Apps 

Go to and take a test drive yourself.