We’re starting a new series of posts in which a CDW Solutions Expert will be asked the same five questions. You get to learn more about our Experts and learn their thoughts on IT. The first is Jason Brown a Technical Field Mobility Solutions Architect.

What’s Your Dream Project?

Working on a team that embraces forward looking thinking and a strategy that can include all plan points from one end of the architecture to the other.

What Was Your First Job in IT?

I was a PC-Tech for a company out of Skokie, IL. I was part of a hard working team that challenged each other with the amount of correctly closed tickets each day and we embraced technology in everything we did.

What’s Your Karaoke Song of Choice?

Anything by Darius Rucker or Zac Brown Band

What’s the Most Important Thing IT Admins Aren’t Thinking About?

Many administrators are so buried in their current projects or day-to-day tasks that they don’t always have time to do forward thinking planning. This is different than task planning. This will help you take your project, see all the parts/impacts and give you an idea on how your environment will change after you’re completed. This gets you out of the reactionary trap of managing your day.

Also, most admins don’t really know what the business really needs to be successful. Remember there is a difference between want and need when looking into solutions. I talk with a lot of engineers who don’t know what their company needs or completely understand their entire environment. They see a solution and something that they like, and believe they need, without vetting it out and seeing if it will be a success in their situation (the “Whoa! That would be cool to have” moment). Suddenly they are buried in scope-creep and their project can’t move forward because they are too busy figuring out this cool new piece of technology without putting it in their plan and then enhancing it as it moves along.

How Do You See the Solution You Work in Changing in the Next Five Years?

Looking forward I can see Mobility continuing to evolve. We have seen a big jump in its evolution but I believe we have barely scratched the surface of what Mobility can become. As devices become faster and laptops become smaller it is going to be interesting to see the evolution of the smartphone/tablet and laptop combination into a single device platform.