Mobility has become a central fact of work operations. Whether you want to make it easier for your customers to buy from you than from your competitors, or ensure that staff can stay productive 24/7 — or both — you need great mobile apps.

Unfortunately, no organization has unlimited resources to throw at mobile app development, yet speed to market is imperative to begin reaping benefits sooner. That’s why the Kony Visualizer mobile app development platform may be one of the most powerful technology investments that can make today.

Kony Visualizer enables IT organizations to quickly and easily create mobile apps across all platforms and form factors. The tool also helps developers continue to refine and improve these apps in order to maintain and extend competitive advantage over the long haul.

Building Great Apps Quickly

Kony Visualizer streamlines mobile app development in many ways. Its most fundamental advantage is that it insulates developers from the underlying complexities of writing native code for specific mobile platforms such as Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile. Instead, developers can create their app visually, by simply drawing screens and selecting widgets from intuitive drop-down menus.

Developers can also tap the tool to connect mobile apps to back-end resources such as databases, customer relationship management programs, enterprise resource planning applications and transaction processing systems. This is important because the value of mobile apps is often in the access they provide to such back-end resources.

Highlighting another strength, Kony Visualizer lets developers write code once for multiple mobile platforms. Developers can also leverage their work across multiple form factors, including smartphones, notebooks, PCs and tablets. The platform can also import Photoshop format graphics.

Many tools enable developers to graphically create app prototypes. The awesome thing about Kony’s solution is that all the work that developers invest in creating prototypes actually builds the working app itself. They don’t need to duplicate efforts as they transition from prototyping to development to production versions.

Delivering What People Want

Of course, great apps aren’t built on quality code alone. They also closely align that code with the capabilities and experience that the organization wants users to have, be they customers, employees or supply-chain partners.

Here again, Kony Visualizer shines with the following capabilities:

Provides in-app feedback: With Kony, business stakeholders can make notations about what they do and don’t like about the app design, right on the interface itself. This is a much faster, easier and more accurate way for stakeholders and developers to communicate and get the app right.

Captures user behavior: Kony Visualizer can monitor specific pieces of app functionality, enabling enterprises to see if certain parts of the app are underutilized or difficult to navigate.

Tracks performance: Kony also provides tools that make it easy to monitor the performance of mobile app sessions in production. This is extremely important, because mobile users have very little tolerance for application lag time.

In other words, Kony doesn’t just help development teams produce apps quickly. It helps organizations continuously and aggressively keep improving those apps over time so they achieve maximum benefit and maximum competitive advantage.

You can try Kony Visualizer yourself with a free, fully functional trial. It’s a great way to discover firsthand just how powerful the technology is, and how positively it can affect your organization as mobile apps play an increasingly important role in operations and customer engagement.

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