As the Services Manager over the Contact Center Practice at CDW, I am always being asked “What are things we need to consider before starting a contact center migration, upgrade, and installation? How do I make sure my contact center is ready for the ways of communicating in a multichannel world? i.e. social video, web chat, email.” Most times my response is “People have a lot to say, is your Contact Center ready to listen?”  Your customers are transforming as well as your workforce.

As the above graph shows, the way people communicate and interact today is transforming and constantly evolving. Customers value instant contact and instant response. According to Pew Research, 85% of American adults have a cellphone, 50% of them use their phone for Email and Internet. About 67% of your customers now use Social Media.

  • Technology has simplified mundane transactions.
  • Your traditional agents in the Contact Center are now knowledge workers with multiple responsibilities.
  • Companies want to controls costs, allowing employees to telecommute.
  • Listening and reaching out has become a more prominent way to interact and respond to clients through various platforms.

Has your contact center evolved with your customer?


A solid multichannel strategy is the first step towards this evolution. Technology should follow behind on this strategy. We have found that working with Cisco’s Unified Contact Center solution opens your contact center to email, chat and social channels (twitter, facebook, etc..) in addition to the traditional phone conversations. Make it easy for the customer to reach you, and you are half way there.


In addition to interacting with your clients in new ways, you have to enable your work force with those tools to address them. Once again partnering with Cisco, we have been implementing Cisco Finesse, the new Web 2.0 browser based agent desktop, which allows your agents and supervisors to have a single view for multiple applications, with gadgets right on their desktop. Other features such as Enhanced Agent routing capabilities with Cisco Precision Routing allows the caller to be routed to the right agent based on dynamic conditions. Together, these technologies allow the agents in the contact center to be more productive and more connected to the Customer. We can easily give this same experience with remote agents through Cisco’s Mobile Agent features.

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