I’m a highly mobile worker. So, like many workers, I’m always looking for better ways to improve my productivity, no matter where I am. Call it a “mobile office.” Call it a “virtual workspace.” We’re all looking for the magic formula that will ensure that we can access the applications, data and services we need to work with equal effectiveness, no matter where we are.

The most important ingredient I’ve recently added to my mobile productivity formula, however, isn’t on my notebook, on the network or in the CDW data center. It’s between my notebook and me: It’s my headset.

Less Noise, More Work

One big problem road warriors like me face is extraneous sound. Few things are more annoying than constantly having to repeat yourself while on a call because a nearby PA announcement interrupts just when you’re saying something important. And with today’s open office floor plans, distracting background noise can be an issue even when we’re at our desks.

My headset’s noise cancellation features eliminate that problem. The sound quality is excellent under all conditions. People even ask me what kind of headset I’m using when they find out I’ve been talking to them while I’m in a public space, or sometimes they ask if I’ve hung up because it is so quiet. In my case, I use the Plantronics Voyager Legend, but what’s important is finding the right one that fits your personal needs and gives you the best experience.

The effect of having a quality headset on my productivity is significant. I can communicate more clearly and concentrate without distraction. Those are major benefits when you’re trying to explain a complex unified communication strategy to a coworker in the small window of opportunity between appointments — or on a hurried walk to the rental car counter from a late-arriving flight.

Hot-Swap Telephony

Actually, “mobile worker” and “road warrior” may be misnomers because they suggest that I do all my work while I’m in transit. I don’t. Yes, I make calls and clear emails in hotel rooms and office lobbies. But I also work at my desk in the office. And, like many people, I do a lot of work at home.

So I’m constantly switching devices: smartphone, office phone, notebook, etc. This can get pretty kludgy if I have to keep switching my Bluetooth connection manually from one device to another.

But this isn’t an issue with my new headset. It automatically picks up whichever device becomes active. I can just take and make calls from any recognized device seamlessly, without all that toggling.

 A Frictionless Workspace

Issues such as background noise and toggling may seem minor to users who don’t experience them every day. But for workers like me, who are constantly engaged in important collaboration with business outcomes on the line, these seemingly minor issues pile up into major productivity impairments and significantly higher workplace stress.

Why suffer that impairment and stress if you don’t have to? With the right headset, you can have quality, convenience and comfort you can count on all day, every day.

My new headset has changed my work life. And I’m pretty sure giving a little extra attention to this key collaboration tool will change yours.

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