An exciting new update to the popular Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone App was released on March 30th, 2013 to the Apple App Store. Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone enable users to enjoy the full meeting experience from their smartphone or tablet. The new Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone 4.0 release delivers some long awaited features such as

  • joining the audio portion more seamlessly with the Auto Call Me feature
  • Single Sign-On login via standalone browser
  • the new ability to share documents while hosting a meeting on the iPad.

Cisco’s WebEx Meetings App was one of the first apps I eagerly installed when my original iPad showed up on launch day a few years ago. It quickly became my preferred way to participate in WebEx virtual meetings. I had grand hopes it would help me stay productive while traveling without my laptop, but there were some gaps. The first being the lack of video support, but Cisco fixed that with the release of the iPad 2 by adding support of 2-way video on the iPad and recently adding support for the iPhone too. The second was the lack of ability to share documents, which meant I was forced to fall back to my laptop when I had to host and present content in a virtual web meeting. This all changes now with the ability to share documents while hosting a virtual WebEx Meeting from the iPad.

In addition to the excellent variety of doc types supported, I’m most excited to see the Dropbox support and ability to share files uploaded to Meeting Space makikng it much easier to share docs on the fly while traveling. On the flip side, I’d love to see more enterprise cloud storage platforms, like Box, supported and the ability to swipe from slide to slide instead of scrolling up and down when sharing a presentation. My initial evaluation of the new features has been solid with a very intuitive setup and smooth user experience. I highly recommend anyone who has WebEx Meetings for iPad today to upgrade and take full advantage of the greatly enhanced mobile virtual meetings experience.