Dear Santa,

December is an extremely busy time of year for you and your Elves.  Making last minute changes to the “naughty and nice list”, ramping up the distribution centers, and avoiding disasters such as poor weather conditions around the world.  I can’t even imagine how you are able to deliver all the goods on time or maintain children satisfaction rates.  Every year my kids ask you for the latest and greatest gadgets and toys, and you have always made their Christmas morning special. You have done so much for so many over the years.  So I was thinking, how can I help you this Christmas? 

How about a collaboration solution designed for you and your team of elves that provides a rapid response system?!  It would allow you to fulfill the incredible volume of requests coming in as well as handle any last minute surprises.

  • Contact Center
    • Streamline your processes.  Set up different queues in the Contact Center and assign different levels of expertise to your Elves.  With the high volume of calls and emails during this time, Santa’s helpers need a way to answer, and get them to the right elves with the right expertise.    Does the toy need 9V or AAA batteries?  This can be answered in a few seconds through IVR, instant messaging or speaking with an expert Elf.
    • Training Junior Elves.  Teaching the next generation of Elves how to effectively handle inquiries.  Little Johnny changed his mind, he no longer wants the dinosaurs but instead wants gargoyles.  It’s simple to update the CRM system with the change order and have it delivered to the distribution center for fulfillment.  A Senior Elf can monitor Junior Elf’s workflow and advise in real time, even record it for review with Junior Elf.
  • Social Miner – Let’s face it, more children are tweeting their “Dear Santa” letters these days rather than using the post office, your elves will be able to automate and sort them quicker and be able to respond faster when they use Social Miner.  Today’s children have transitioned to public forums like Twitter, Facebook and other social media, so it must be awfully difficult to keep up with them…..but there is a way to do it!

By setting up a “Campaign” in Social Miner, your Elves pre-configure filters, then view results and respond appropriately.  Using the routing and queuing capabilities enables the automatic distribution of inquiries to one, or multiple Elves using shared work queues, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the social media process. Tagging of the posts can also be used in order to route a post to a specific category; for example, new gadget introduction with the “inventory control” and “distribution center” tags, and this post will appear in the Elves Purchasing queue for processing.  In addition, customer care activities and campaign reports, including team reports, may be generated to review the statistics.

  • Enterprise Social Media Software –What would happen if Prancer couldn’t prance?  Or Rudolph’s nose wouldn’t glow? How can you quickly assemble the virtual team to tackle the issues and diagnose the problem areas?

Using Cisco Social Webex as the collaboration platform, it brings together the workspace – social, content creation and real-time communications – enabling your Elves access to these tools at anytime, anywhere.

The Expert Q&A feature will allow your Elves to quickly source answers to questions.  All the Elf needs to do is:

  1.  Create a question, such as Why won’t Rudolph’s nose glow?
  2. Tag the question with types of information that is relevant, such as “reindeer” “Rudolph’s nose”  “veterinarian”
  3. Webex Social suggests experts and ranks these experts based on those tags and their relationship to you on the social graph
  4. Questions appear on Activities stream (like a post) with the three most recent answers being displayed.
  5. When the right answers appear, your Elf can designate them as answers 

It’s simple to post, share, and contribute with individuals, communities or multiple communities.  You just click a button (“+ Post”) to start sharing content.  A few other nifty features:

  • Permissions –  for each post, choose whether the recipients can comment, edit, or forward
  • Email notifications so recipients on email are aware of new posts or post updates
  • Automatic versioning of attachments and posts
  • The post can contain very rich content, not just text. You can embed and attach videos, pictures, documents, files, and links
  • Each post is archived in your library and can be tagged and categorized for search by others

You can capture and retain the knowledge for future use., it’s as simple as posting that you need a subject matter expert immediately with hoof and nose expertise!

Webex Social will transform how you communicate and increase your Elf’s productivity!

Video- well naturally once you get the right experts involved in the issue they might need to see in real time what the issues are and determine how to fix them, so a video solution has to be incorporated into it.

Using the right technology, implementing a strategy for continuous service, having the best resources to deliver, execute and maintain your solution – all that is what CDW does best.  It will allow you to focus on what you do best!

Santa, there are so many ways CDW can help you with your North Pole operations.  Let’s start collaborating about IT!

PS: I think Larry the IT Elf can attest to the great things CDW can bring

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