You have aging hardware in your data center, failures are occurring more frequently and maintenance is eating up your time. Perhaps it is time to consider getting out of the hardware business and moving everything to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure data centers can provide you with highly available servers and storage, all without capital expenditures, installation and configuration costs, warranty and services decisions, and maintenance costs. The costs and the time investments all need to be considered in the broader picture of business needs.

Microsoft Azure data centers
So, let’s boil this down to three essential questions that you need to address:

  1. Do I want to spend large chunks of money (capital) on IT infrastructure or would smaller monthly operating expenses be preferable?

CDW had a customer facing a seven-figure data center refresh. That customer decided that migrating all of the infrastructure to Microsoft Azure and absorbing a monthly expense was a better business decision. What’s in your wallet?

  1. Do I want my staff to spend time maintaining infrastructure or do I want my staff working on business-centric projects that align with our vision?

Everyone has fewer IT staff than they need. If your staff is spending their time firefighting failures in the data center or installing and configuring hardware, who is helping to align the IT services with the business?

  1. Is my data center highly available to my business users?

When Hurricane Sandy took out much of New Jersey, Rutgers Business College discovered that their services were all down. Immediately thereafter, Rutgers asked CDW to migrate services to Azure so that those services would always be available, even if another hurricane struck. Additionally, Rutgers realized the benefits of freeing up their staff for more college-centric projects (see #2 above). For more information about the Rutgers initiative, check out this article in BizTech Magazine.

If you have been considering migrating your data center to Azure and taking advantage of the power, efficiency and scalability of the cloud, you are not alone. We are having these discussions with customers with increasing frequency, as they take a closer look at the questions we discussed here and position their IT services for the future. Take a look at our data center capabilities, as well as managed services and reach out for even more information.