Software licensing today is complex. But certain publishers and licensing programs take complexity to a higher level.  SAP would have to be one of the publishers in the latter category.  Within the SAP licensing scheme, there are multiple categories which include developer, professional, limited professional, employee and employee self-service. 

Within each of the categories, however, there are further blurred lines that can confuse even the most expert licensing specialist.   But probably the hardest determination of the licensing compliancy is the fact that licenses are required for both direct and indirect users which include external systems that interact with SAP software.

This brings the complexity to a whole different level, making it extremely difficult to complete license reconciliation manually.  Though SAP has a measurement tool for the enterprise, users must first be accurately classified as direct or indirect, depending on the licensing type, prior to executing SAP’s measurement tool.  This process typically has to be done manually by the system administers – until now.

Snow Optimizer

The SNOW Optimizer for SAP® Software is the latest addition to the powerful software asset management (SAM) tools line from Snow Software.  The Optimizer is a powerful SAP-specific tool that helps enterprises, with large-scale deployments, better understand and optimize their SAP licensing requirements.

SAP deployments are often large, complex and represent a very large investment on the part of a firm – often over the past 10-20 years.  The SAP ERP system is the backbone of many enterprises.  It touches almost every aspect of operations including finance, human resource management, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and fulfillment.  Most SAP systems have been highly customized to automate key business-specific processes and have evolved and been extended over time.

The Optimizer helps enterprises aggregate, collect and analyze SAP user and usage activity, optimize the SAP licenses in use and the actual SAP license type deployed for each user.  The software also measures and assures compliance with SAP contractual obligations, with a particularly powerful capability to detect potential indirect access license violations.  As an administrative tool, the Optimizer can automate the creation of SAP system measurements and the generation of key audit data required by SAP.