For those of us who wondered if Nutanix left any complexity in storage management, they continue to apply customer and partner feedback to simplify storage and compute environments. 

For example, the App Mobility Fabric delivers VM placement, conversion and migration functionality. Effectively, a Nutanix user is enabled to automate VM conversions between Hyper-V, ESX and AHV (Acropolis Hyper Visor) – and all of this is done via the Nutanix Prism GUI.

What’s more, they found a way to enable cross-hypervisor high availability and on-board disaster recovery features. Breaking down the barriers between hypervisors is a huge leap forward for IT environments globally. Acropolis delivers freedom of choice at the hypervisor level and even throws its own Linux CentOS KVM hypervisor (Acropolis Hyper Visor) into the mix.

Previously, VM operations tasks (i.e., create, delete, update, power on/off, access via remote console, migrations, snaps, clones, etc.) on KVM were only available via command line; it’s now available in the Prism GUI. It’s easy to see where Nutanix might be heading. In the near future, I envision Nutanix users moving VM workloads from on-prem to off-prem, as well as between off-prem providers through a single Prism console.

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More Usable Capacity

Clearly, I can’t go on without catering to my roots as a storage nerd. Nutanix has built in the ability to obtain more usable capacity out of their storage. By selecting “erasure coding,” a Nutanix user creates a virtual parity drive across the Nutanix cluster of nodes. In concert with either deduplication or compression utilities, I’ve seen usable capacities improve by as much as 50 percent.

Another Acropolis improvement enables an admin to run iSCSI inside a virtual machine. While NFS is one of the sweetest protocols around, there are certain applications like Exchange that require iSCSI to be supported. Proof again that Nutanix is taking customer and partner feedback and baking it into its releases.

Nutanix has built a pattern of exciting product releases and Acropolis is no exception. Lab time this month just got a lot more interesting!

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