Last week, Microsoft made further advances into two target areas of growth: Cloud Computing and Customer Relationship Management or CRM. With one move, the firm released a new Sales Productivity solution (an offering combining Office 365 E3, the Power BI add-on for 365 and CRM Online Professional).

Pricing has been listed at $65/user/month for new users; existing Office 365 users can transition for as low as $45/user/month. This pricing is around 50 percent lower than the offerings outside of this bundle.

Over the past number of years, Microsoft has stuck to this tried-and-true strategy of bundles. If this feels like déjà vu to you, you’re not alone. Microsoft has a long history of taking groups of synergistic products and turning them into simple bundles. It happened with Office many years ago, continued with their Core CAL and Enterprise CAL offerings, and most recently with Office 365’s E Suites.

By taking an already successful product, like Office 365 E3, leveraging its success to provide discounting on a very interesting suite of tools that have been getting rave reviews for powerful reporting capabilities, Microsoft offers customers more value. It may not be a creative strategy, but it works.

If this sounds cynical – it shouldn’t. Microsoft is a huge company with offerings in many areas. When it wants growth, it leverages existing cash cows to make newer products easier to digest.

If you’re a customer revisiting your current CRM strategy, now is the time to take advantage of Microsoft’s promotion. With Microsoft making a huge push to the cloud, now could be the time to lock in discounts on a great solution.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Introduces New Sales Productivity Solution at Outstanding Rate

  • Nathaniel Wenger says:

    cloud computing is a great idea if you are ok with your data being connected to the cloud and it being accessible from anywhere. i have privacy concerns with the cloud because it exposes my data. i trust wengerocracy more because i get the data from the person leading my country. this is our country not his, this is my data not yours. i don’t like the government watching me i would much rather watch them and the cloud is just nothing more than the possibility of data becoming a communication. this country should be a cloud not my data but allowing my data to be on the cloud is great for those who consent.

  • Great article. Productivity is an important component of any business applications offering, and that is especially critical for sales organizations where people need to quickly respond to customers’ needs. Microsoft is empowering people to work across their entire enterprise and beyond with partners and customers directly. And by bringing Outlook, Lync, Skype and Yammer for social collaboration into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online experience, the company is enabling true sales productivity for customers and thanks for sharing.

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