Microsoft has officially announced that the release for its latest version of Windows will be July 29, 2015. The Windows 10 release date has been widely expected for the past month, but looking back at late 2014, it seemed like a pipe dream. Reports from December 2014 show expected launch dates for the OS to range from late-August to November 2015. This will be 20 months after Windows 8.1 was released, further emphasizing Microsoft’s commitment to quick releases of its OS. This is further underscored by announcements that the next version of Windows will drop numbering and naming altogether – hinting that Microsoft is moving towards a subscription model similar to its Office 365 and Azure product lines. 

Also, don’t forget that many will be receiving a free upgrade to Windows 10 (from Windows 7 and later), but it does not include upgrades from Windows Enterprise. So, if you’re a corporate customer with Windows Enterprise licenses, the only way to get the upgrade is through software assurance.

I could go on and on about how pumped up I am for this release, but the video below does a much better job of highlighting the newest features and apps:

Lastly, check out my colleagues’ posts about Windows 10, as well as our collection of Microsoft-related white papers, infographics and data sheets for even more information on this exciting release.

One thought on “Microsoft Announces July 29 Release Date for Windows 10

  • It is good to see that Windows is upping its game when it comes to releasing their operating systems, and is a far cry from the releases of the past. For example it was six years between when Windows XP went public to when Windows Vista was released. I know a lot of Windows 8 users are excited about the ability to upgrade as Windows 10 offers new features such as a brand new web browser, and brings back old favorites like the Start Button.

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