More often than not customers reach out to vendors because they have a real problem that their business is struggling to overcome. Likewise, more often than not, those vendors respond with Product X or Technology Y. When it comes to collaboration it’s important to engage a vendor that understands that products and technology are only the vehicles that allow collaboration to occur. Truly effective collaboration starts with the customer and their culture. It then moves to the solution that is right for them. The products and technology are simply a natural extension of the solution.

The Architects in the Microsoft Collaboration Practice are experts at helping our customers increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage by designing and implementing a Collaboration Solution that solves real business problems. After all, it takes multiple products and technologies working together to create an effective collaboration solution. Our team understand that and we can help because we Get IT.


One thought on “Forget Products, Forget Technologies, Let’s Talk Solutions

  • Looking for a solution for a small Chiropractic office. The office resently purchased software package to manage its business. Software and data base is on same computer the receptionist uses. There are up to 2 to 4 users accessing the system at a single time. Looking to upgrade the computer system to improve productivity and response time. Office wants to digitize all patient paper files. What resources does CDW have to help? How much does it cost?

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