Today marks the beginning of the next wave of innovation for the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). They are always innovating in this space and once again have stepped up!

The new announcements around UCS provides a broader and more powerful portfolio of technologies. They will allow customers to power applications at every scale and add intelligence at the edge, at the core and at the scale of cloud. 

The new M-Series and C3160 servers are great examples why Cisco has been taking over the x86 market. They challenge the traditional thinking of a server. As customers migrate applications to a cloud concept, the ease of scale out and high capacity is key and these two products hit the mark.

The UCS mini is an outstanding addition to the B-Series family. These compact units are perfect for customers that didn’t need the large scale but wanted to take advantage of the ground breaking features that UCS B-Series brought with FI’s.  This form factor will bring the features and function to the masses.

And finally, Cisco introduces the 4th Generation UCS C-Series with UCS Director Express. The C-Series servers have been essential for workloads like big data.  And now with an Express version of the UCS Director, this will speed deployment and ease of management by providing the single management view to physically separate devices. This will automate changes and keep consistency within the clusters.

I really see these new UCS products changing the x86 space again.

Dan Vargas
Quad CCIE#11317 (R/S, Sec, Voice, DC)
Solution Architect Team Lead  | CDW – ATS
Cisco Master Cloud Builder