Is your organization planning an expansion? Does executive management plan on opening 10 new sales offices over the next 12-18 months?  How is your IT department staffed to handle this type of scale?  Can your existing UCC solution in place today support the growth?  These are the types of questions that come to mind for technical decision makers for a growing organization.

If your organization has a requirement to scale, on demand, then a Cloud based UC solution might be the right choice.  Building an on-premises UCC solution can be an expensive proposition and getting the sizing right for this initial investment at a growing organization may require a crystal ball.  With a cloud based UC solution you can eliminate CAPEX costs and offload integration, IT staff training, management, and other OPEX costs (power, cooling, software licensing, warranties, etc.) to the provider and eliminate the guessing for sizing the solution months in advance.

A cloud-based UCC solution can scale up, or down, based on your business growth needs while providing advanced features to enable employees to conduct business and get their jobs done.  The cloud provider can bundle in the management, monitoring and maintenance of a UCC system into a per user/per month cost.  Included in that cost is access to individuals with UCC expertise who are generally staffed at a Network Operation Center (NOC) 24x7x365.

As a growing organization needs to adopt new features and functionality the cloud provider can allow the organization to turn on these capabilities per user.   Therefor the organization can take advantage of only paying for the features that each user requires.

A cloud based UCC solution allows the company to simply setup an account for a new employee, give them a username and password, and point them to the service.  This gives the employee access to all of the UCC applications by the hosting provider and reducing IT setup time, resulting in a faster UCC rollout.  This enables your organization to achieve a quicker return on investment (ROI).

If your organization would like more control of the environment many cloud based UCC solutions have administrative portals that allow the system to be administered by the customer.  These portals take the guesswork out of knowing how to build a UCC system and allow for template driven, on the fly, UCC provisioning without being a UC expert.

If this is too much effort for your IT staff, many cloud based UCC solutions include some of the day to day move add changes where the provider makes the changes by calling the NOC.  This allows your IT staff to focus on other activities for a growing business.

The bottom line is that cloud based UCC solution allows a company to grow on as needed basis without incurring the cost of acquiring, integrating and managing the UCC solution.

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