With the announcement of the NSX network virtualization technology, Virtual SAN, and Hybrid Cloud offering, VMWare refuses to disappoint it’s faithful followers.

NSX technology, expected to roll out late 2013, has potential to further redefine networking as we know it today. This tool will allow the functions of networking hardware such as switches and routers to be run as a virtual software. This will increase agility, security and scalability compared to traditional hardware operations.

The Virtual SAN follows suit in VMWare’s drive towards the “Software Defined Data Center”. This software will assist in creating simple and resilient shared storage by pooling compute and storage resources.

And last but not least, vCloud Hybrid Services. This long-awaited offering promises to change the way VMWare customers think about cloud. The subscription supports for over 3600 certified applications and 90 operating systems, while requiring no need for modification of apps currently virtualized in vSphere. Customers will choose between 2 offerings to cater to their ideal environment. Dedicated Services will start at $15,437 per month, while Virtual Private Services come in at $1,388 per month. Included in this price are the firewalls, VPNs, Load Balancers, Disk I/O, and HA Redundancy.