“I need a phone line installation – is that something you handle?”

“My company wants a multi-vendor, international solution for voice, data, and cloud; can you help me with that?”

“Is it possible for us to add some public cloud for usage spikes?

Most hyper-scale providers have redefined cloud computing as a self-service product.

You see, to cut costs they cut service, while relying heavily on public cloud infrastructure. Does that work for commodity services like bulk file storage? Sure.

But these providers fall short when it comes to mission-critical enterprise applications, as they can’t give you the hybrid/private cloud infrastructure you need, with dedicated hardware and serious professionals behind it.

The keys to addressing your organizations’ simplest requests to its most complex needs are expertise and service.

When you work with a company that is intent on putting the word service back into a self-service world, the difference is like comparing a mule pulling a wooden wagon to a Maserati. Can they both get you from Point A to Point B? Of course. But when it truly matters, you want the superior horsepower at your fingertips. You need a cloud computing managed services company that is nimble, quick, and able to acclimatize to your organizations’ needs as requests for management move up the stack.

With deep roots in managing mission-critical Enterprise Applications (Oracle databases, PeopleSoft, stuff like that) NaviSite has emerged as one of the most seasoned and robust Managed Service Partner (MSPs).  They have two hundred-plus Enterprise Application professionals on staff and have been providing Managed Application Services (MAS) for decades, back when most organizations were still doing business via fax. NaviSite is an Oracle Platinum Partner and Microsoft Gold certified, and they can even accommodate custom apps.

The homerun swing? What NaviSite does best, is resolve the problems your organization faces on a daily basis, like identifying pain points in your current application support and maximizing your initial investments and ongoing maintenance costs. MAS can drive down costs compared to in-house management in so many ways, such as seamlessly providing patches and upgrades in the background at no charge. It can reduce your risk though integrated Disaster Recover (DR) and Business Continuity Solutions, while concurrently offering the highest availability on all tiers. The bottom line is, if you have needs, CDW and NaviSite have appropriate solutions.

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