In October 2012, Microsoft acquired StorSimple and since then, Microsoft has turned the product into a highly-integrated cloud-based storage system. It’s probably been mentioned to you once or twice by your Microsoft account team, but I wanted to give a quick overview of the product in case you missed it. Being a licensing specialist, I figured you might appreciate my translation of this technology into layman’s terms.

StorSimple is a local SAN solution that connects your on-premises servers to Azure cloud storage. It directly attaches to your servers, creates the local volume and a snapshot while simultaneously creating cloud snapshots. This, effectively, removes the need for tape back-ups.

One of the ways this saves money is (obviously) that tapes are no longer needed. So, no more replacing the tapes, purchasing fire-proof safes or shipping them off-site, nor purchasing new tape libraries as those fail (among other items). Another feature of note is that the StorSimple device can automatically create a clone in a separate region, effectively enhancing your disaster recovery plans.

I could go on and on about the features, but here’s a short whiteboard video explaining the basic design and benefits of the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage solution:

The device is an iSCSI SAN, and right now Microsoft has offers available to provide one with an annual commitment of $50,000 or more of Azure. CDW is not making this offer, and each customer is subject to the qualifications that Microsoft has set for the promotion, but if this appeals to you, start a conversation with your CDW team to discuss.

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