Its hard to imagine that in 2004, in San Diego, 1600 brave attendees took their first steps into what would soon become one of the most anticipated events in the IT industry – VMworld. This year that number will increase to more than 20,000 people attending the 10th VMworld conference with a chance to attend over 250 technical sessions, and interact with 275 technology partners, all under one roof.

As a Server/Storage architect with CDW for the past 11 years, I am continually amazed at how far VMware has come and how they have become such a dominating force in the industry. This year we will take the most tangible steps away from the Hypervisor, and into a whole new world of Software-designed-(compute, network, storage, you name it). This year’s technical sessions are a window into this new world. The ability to virtualize almost any piece of physical hardware from switches to storage is a paradigm shift in the way we look at IT and hardware uses cases. These I believe should be the most anticipated sessions of VMworld 2013.

The other push from VMware will be the unveiling of their vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS). This new Service will give IT administrators the ability to seamlessly extend their internal datacenter into a service cloud owned and operated by VMware. Currently in an early access offering, this will allow clients to choose between their traditional cloud service provider or VMware themselves as an IaaS option for their cloud expansion plans.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention that the most anticipated part of this year’s conference should be the opportunity for all 20,000 attendees to have a chance to step aboard the CDW Technoliner, which will be inside the Moscone Center for the duration of the conference. (Not to take anything away from the Train concert, I personally think the Technoliner is more impressive). Come stop by booths 204 & 210 (we needed two spots to fit this ultimate technology vehicle) to see inside the Technoliner, chat with CDW Experts, and learn more about the future of virtualization.