As a CDW Cloud Specialist, it’s my job to help our customers select the best cloud provider based on their requirements and goals. Typically, customers come into my initial consultations with preconceived notions of ideal providers, but often these are based off of effective marketing and advertising strategies employed by the cloud companies with the largest budgets. More often than not, I find that IT department leaders struggle to cut through all the marketing noise and really understand the value propositions of their many options. This exposes one of the greatest advantages of working with a cloud brokerage like CDW. We help our customers realize their goals, and then align those goals with cloud providers that make the most technological sense. We do this while remaining completely vendor-neutral and uninfluenced by all factors other than the requirements and objectives of the customer.

One of the most important aspects of choosing the correct cloud is ensuring that the level of management offered by the provider aligns with the needs that the customer may currently have – or may need in the future. Within the spectrum of what’s available from the thousands of cloud companies today, customers can choose to have full control and almost no management by the provider – all the way to a completely hands-off approach where they are simply left with applications to manage.

For example, unless they plan to adopt a third-party management contract, businesses leveraging AWS may find that their lack of experienced resources on staff is impacting their ROI and ultimately they should have chosen a cloud provider with a high-touch management approach. Conversely, self-sufficient IT departments that choose a cloud provider offering more than they need may not get their desired ROI simply because they aren’t utilizing all the resources they are paying for. Businesses will find they can prevent painful provider migrations down the road by choosing the correct provider that aligns with their needs the first time.

Once a business knows the level of management that makes sense for them, they can begin to weigh other important factors such as financial security, technological methodologies, corporate longevity and ability to execute on behalf of their customers. This brings to light another extraordinary advantage of having a cloud brokerage act as a middleman and valued partner when choosing a provider. CDW’s stringent vetting process for partners is extremely extensive and comprehensive. We only partner with the best in the industry that we are sure will stand the test of time.

One example of a CDW cloud partner that emphasizes both a flexible services model and a superb standing on all CDW partnership requirements is Peak 10. As I said, It’s important to choose a company that’s made a mark in the IT infrastructure business, has a great reputation and tailors their solutions through extensive engineer collaboration.

Curious to learn more about moving your business to the cloud? Check out this article in BizTech Magazine or reach out to your CDW account manager for more information.

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  • Our CPA firm is currently utilizing the cloud for our computer needs, but would like to discuss the service with another cloud provider that also has a number of CPA firms currently as customers.

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