Everyone has at least one pair of outstanding jeans. Women’s love for a great pair of blue jeans can sometimes even top having a pint of Häagen-Dazs. Men feel the same way, but as the first rule of Fight Club states, “We don’t talk or ask questions about it.” Nothing is like pulling on that favorite pair of blue jeans. 

Want to know what’s not easy in corporate America these days? Video conferencing. You’ve probably heard that rush of gazelles being chased by a lion through your office corridor several times per day, as staffers are desperate to find the right conference room with on-premises video conference technology or fighting those who need a room for an in-person meeting.

Even companies that think they have rockstar status, because of a heavy investment in instant messaging platforms, quickly discover it isn’t the silver bullet for connecting all global users into one video platform irrespective of device, OS or hardware investment.

Factors that are driving adoption of Cloud-based video conferencing services include:

Scheduling is a hot mess:  Seeing your peers square off over a video conferencing room vs. colleagues that have regular in-person meetings can be a fun one to watch. The idea is simple, more people working productively at their desks, taking video calls, equals more conference rooms available for face-to-face meetings with vendors, prospects or customers. Make getting a conference room less of a scene out of a Jason Bourne film at your company.

Who’s going to manage it: Just like beefing up a staff of FTEs for managing server/storage/network, it takes a serious and expensive skillset to be responsible for room systems (H.323 and SIP). Along with room hardware, ROI can be found in not having to employ video conferencing engineers or redistributing them toward other internal roles.

What’s on the other side: It’s one thing to worry about your own crib, but what does the end user have on their end? Is it an iOS, Android smartphone or tablet? What about a PC or a virtual desktop image? Even worse, does the potential customer even have the room technology necessary to use your video conferencing platform? Why not have Cloud-based technology that offers an interoperability bridge across all of these possible scenarios.

One Cloud provider is ironically called Blue Jeans Network. They offer a video conferencing platform that is hitting almost 100% of the marks above. Their platform extends high-quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. Users have access to everyone they want to meet.

Blue Jeans can bridge together business and consumer video conferencing solutions, enabling them to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and their social network. Blue Jeans is one of over 200-plus SaaS, IaaS and PaaS providers we now offer our customers. Next time you are fighting for a conference room or wondering how delayed your web conference is while downloading plug-ins – please remember Cloud-based video conferencing.