CDW is on premise at Cisco Live. One of the biggest trends we are seeing is that users are clamoring for video collaboration and there’s a bit of “shadow IT” going on in some departments. Unfortunately, the experience is poor, systems aren’t working well together and you need a broad solution covering use cases including mobile, personal and meeting situations.

Enter CDW and our Cloud Collaboration platform with our newest service, Video Registration (CCC-VR). With CCC-VR, the cloud is riding to the rescue to deliver your organization the video collaboration experiences your users need to gain productivity, communicate easily and efficiently, as well as keep your costs down by side-stepping significant infrastructure investments.  

What is CCC-VR?

CCC-VR delivers video collaboration from the cloud to your users’ mobile devices, desktops and conference rooms. It’s “bring your own device*” – and that’s the only premise equipment requirement, making it simple to quickly stand-up video collaboration in your organization by purchasing a CCC-VR subscription for as few as five users and/or rooms, and scaling rapidly at need to support demand.

CCC-VR lays the foundation for a video collaboration experience by delivering your users these key features from the cloud:

  • Support for the latest Cisco endpoints*, including the flagship DX-80 and MX-800 Dual, as well as soft-clients for mobile and desktop
  • Registration over the Internet, with no expensive premise infrastructure
  • User or room subscription models
  • A unique SIP URI for point-to-point and business-to-business calling
  • WebRTC inbound calling from a variety of platforms
  • Directory service including all subscribed users/devices
  • Easy integration to Cisco WebEx Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) Cloud services for multi-point meetings

It’s easy to setup, simple to use and effortless to scale technology that offers unique advantages compared to traditional premise-based systems and services.

But What Does it Do?

With CCC-VR, your organization’s users can:

  • Enable video collaboration between users “browser-to-boardroom” with WebRTC, mobile and desktop clients, as well as personal and room systems
  • Easily find and connect users and conference rooms with an organization-wide centralized directory
  • Collaborate with third parties with B2B video over the Internet via SIP URI dialing (e.g., key business partners, vendors and customers)
  • Collaborate with third parties who have no video solution using WebRTC, (e.g., interview candidates, consultants and even consumers)
  • Bring groups together with optional Cisco WebEx CMR Cloud, which provides rich meeting features for audio, video and presentation

On the business side, with CCC-VR your organization can:

  • Build reliable, consistent and secure video collaboration features into users’ workflows and business processes
  • Enable users with video collaboration without capital-intensive premise-based infrastructure
  • Quickly setup and scale services without burdensome IT projects for infrastructure installation, upgrade and expansion

What Does it Cost?

Your organization can get started with Video Collaboration with as few as five subscriptions for users and/or rooms, starting at $99 per subscription per month.

How Do I Push the Easy Button?

Video collaboration offers a lot of possibilities, including increased communication, productivity and simple “speed of business” for your organization. With CDW Cloud Collaboration – Video Registration, you can unlock the potential easily and quickly without capital expense or large investments of IT resources.

Check out this Cisco Live 2015 video brought to you by BizTech Magazine to listen to my colleague, Bruce Beals, talk more about this exciting new platform.

*CCC-VR supports the following Cisco TelePresence device families: Cisco DX-series, Cisco EX-series, Cisco MX-series, Cisco SX-series and Cisco C-series TelePresence endpoints. Contact your Account Manager for further information and pricing on Cisco TelePresence endpoints.