A global conference for virtualization and cloud computing hosted by VMware, VMworld kicked off yesterday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. With over 22,000 attendees representing 85 countries, it was no surprise that VMware took the opportunity to make some major announcements.

The theme of the week is No Limits! and CEO Pat Gelsinger stressed that the IT industry must be brave in order to continue to innovate. VMware is certainly being brave with the bold announcements that they made on day one of the conference. The following are the announcements that I see could have a major impact on the industry and VMware customers.

vRealize suite – Automation is everything in IT today, especially when it comes to cloud. VMware realizes this, pun intended. The offering is currently in beta but customers can expect a tool, offered in a SaaS model, that enables them to automate the delivery and on-going lifecycles of applications and infrastructure while maintaining IT compliance.

VMware EVO (EVO:RAIL) – This will be a new exciting way for IT professionals to rapidly deploy private clouds. VMware has partnered with Dell, EMC, Fujitsu and SuperMicro, who all run X86 hardware, to offer an out of the box, plug and play 100 VM solution.

VMware integration with OpenStack – VMware has been a contributor to the OpenStack community for years. It is no surprise that they have released their own stack. The result: Better choice for the end user developer without creating chaos for IT professionals and decision makers.

vCloud Air on demand – This offering may be the biggest announcement of them all. However, we will not see its impact until early 2015 as it was just released in beta format today. I anticipate this being a new, fresh player in the public cloud space as it will be offered on pay-per-minute billing. The big difference, for me, is that it will be fully integrated into the normal vCloud Air services that customers are using for their hybrid clouds today. It  could potentially  become the “go-to” hybrid solution, especially considering the number one use case for hybrid services from VMware today is disaster recovery.

It is very evident that Pat Gelsinger and VMware are taking a bold stance with cloud. The software-defined data center and hybrid cloud messaging, here at VMworld 2014, shows that they are all in and their view is that there are NO LIMITS for cloud services in IT.

By the way, I understand that approximately 22 of the VMworld exhibitors are in the CDW portfolio of offerings. You can go to each vendor individually to hear their “unique” story and/or you can work with CDW to hear about the benefits and trade-offs across all of the offerings.

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