How Collaboration Tools Helped Transform a Finance Department

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The rapid pace of business change today doesn’t affect only product development and marketing – it also affects finance departments. Effective collaboration can be especially useful for finance departments that need to execute change quickly and effectively.

CDW’s own finance department offers a great case in point. The department recently undertook an extensive re-engineering process to improve efficiency, more closely align with evolving corporate strategy and better ensure regulatory compliance. This re-engineering called for fairly significant changes to the department’s core applications and procedures. 


Hosted Voice versus Unified Communications as a Service: What’s Best for Your Company?

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Many people believe hosted voice and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) are the same thing. I suppose you could argue they’re similar, and certainly Hosted Voice is a component of UCaaS since you can’t have UCaaS without a dial tone. However, I think there are several differences. When considering moving away from an on-premises phone system (or any system for that matter), customers must look at the risks and rewards, along with the use cases of doing one versus another. My colleagues and I are finding there are many different reasons customers are looking into moving their communications systems to the cloud. 


Cisco Delivers Holiday Cookies to IBM

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In December, Cisco provided a tasty holiday treat by releasing their latest software that integrates Cisco’s telephony systems with IBM’s social communications platform, IBM Sametime.  Cisco calls it CUCI-IBM (Cisco UC Integration for IBM Sametime), pronounced “Cookie” IBM.  My wife would tell you I’m a fan of cookies in general, but I’m quite excited by this CUCI that provides significant new functionality over past voicemail and phone control plug-ins from Cisco.