Technology and the 21st Century Squad Car

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Public safety services have changed dramatically over the years as technology has disrupted our industry. We now operate under a “mobile first” paradigm, where tools and information are extended from the enterprise to the field as their primary function instead of as an add-on feature set. Security – in the past considered a solution unto itself – is now pervasive at every level of system design.

Panasonic tough pad

Product Review: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 Rugged Tablet

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Field workers have never had more choice when it comes to devices enabling them to extend their enterprise to the front lines. In my role as a public safety technology specialist, I’m often tasked with making “fitness-of-purpose” recommendations. I develop confidence in equipment through real world testing beyond advertised operational parameters. My customers will use these devices so I’ve got to go there first.