Part One: Single Sign-On Versus Same Sign-On with Office 365 and Active Directory Domain Services

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One question every customer who has Active Directory Domain Services asks during a migration from on-premises server to Office 365 is, “What is the login experience?” The short, consulting answer is: “It depends.” I have attempted to provide the longer answer in the remaining paragraphs of this post; however, to set the context, I’m going to give you a little background on the key variables that can impact the answers. 


Is Microsoft Mobility Management Right for Your Business?

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Mobility is dramatically changing the workplace to make companies more agile, efficient and productive. But these benefits don’t come without costs, and one of those costs is security.

As more work is done on mobile devices that could fall into anyone’s hands, sensitive corporate data and documents must be appropriately protected. Companies must be diligent about securing devices, applications and content as users move from office to home, to airport to mall, to coffee shop and back again. 


The New Microsoft

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By now, most people are aware that Microsoft has entered the device market with the Surface line of tablets. The Microsoft Surface has become popular as a complete notebook replacement for many in the corporate realm. In 2014, Microsoft purchased the Devices and Services division of Nokia and this summer, they expect to release the first Lumia that is Microsoft branded. It’s clear that Microsoft is shifting to become a devices company, along with producing and shipping hardware with their latest operating system, Windows 10, which will officially launch in late 2015. 

Microsoft CAL Price

User Client Access Licenses (CAL) Price Increases: What You Need to Know

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Early reports of unconfirmed Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CAL) price increases have abounded in the past half of a year. And, while we’ve all known they were coming, the details are often what is most important. Without further preamble, here are those details:

-Pricing on the User CAL increases by 13% over existing prices

-The increase takes effect on August 1st

-Prices will be released on July 1st (Microsoft always releases official pricing in the month prior to the effective date)


SQL Conversion: One Final Reminder

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You’ve probably noticed a number of SQL-licensing-related blog posts here on the Solutions Blog recently. That’s for good reason. As I mentioned in my last post, the majority of all Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) contracts are set to expire at the end of this month (March 2015). I went on to discuss a potential “gotcha” in the form of “Deferred L” SKUs. 


What is Software Defined Networking (SDN) – Part 1

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For a long time data center architects have struggled with the requirement to provide connectivity across racks of servers, across multiple locations, while maintaining isolation for groups of those servers.  For example, the Accounting department might not want their servers accessible to someone working on another department’s server.  The Accounting servers need to be isolated, that is, securely separate from the other servers in the data center.