SharePoint Responsive Web Design: One Design to Rule Them All!

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The hot trend in web design these days is Responsive Web Design (RWD). What is RWD? In short, it allows you to create a single design that scales up or down to fit a resolution on a device. Take Rockford Public School’s new responsive SharePoint 2013 site for example. The layout will change depending on which device you’re using to browse the site. From a huge desktop monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440, to a small smartphone of 320×480, this site will adapt and fit to your screen.

This CDW blog also uses RWD. Check out this post on your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone to see the differences.


IBM Brings Social Communication to Business with Updated Connections Suite

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According to Gartner, by 2016, 50 percent of large organizations will have internal Facebook-like social networks, and 30 percent of these will be considered as essential as email and telephones are today. Some of the leading benefits of social software include:

  1. Improving collaboration by opening communications and sharing of content, resources and activities, bringing geographically dispersed communities closer together
  2. Reducing inefficiencies by improving organizational awareness and reducing siloed communication stuck in email — reducing email volume overall

What’s New in SharePoint 2013: Social Collaboration for the Mobile Workforce

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With the release of SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online became an attractive collaboration platform for many organizations. Not only does the option of a hosted solution minimize infrastructure planning to simplify the deployment process, the latest SharePoint Platform also introduces a myriad of additional benefits that lead to increased user adoption and productivity whether deployed On Premise, Online, or in Hybrid.

Using CRM for Centralization

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Multiple windows are huge productivity killer for many users. Having to move from one application to another can cause confusion and inaccurate data entry, which leads to inaccurate forecasting and a decrease in revenue.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have a very “flat” user interface that displays all related information in one screen. This allows the user to update data on multiple layers, such as adding activities to an account without having to open a separate window.

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Cloud Computing Allows Companies to Do More with Less

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Cloud computing is not for everybody, but it is certainly something everybody should get educated on, as it is completely changing the way businesses operate. It is revolutionizing the way IT departments function. No longer is an IT department just an IT department, they are a business group, similar to a sales team, marketing, finance, etc… They are a critical part of the way a business functions, and the Cloud is allowing them to be able to do much more than ever before.

CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

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Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps. In the above video, my coworker Andy Dignan, Esna Technologies’ David Ballins, and I talk about the new app integration at Cisco Live 2013. Watch and see why clients are evaluating moving over to this cloud based total collaboration experience.

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Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone App Raises Bar for Mobile Productivity

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An exciting new update to the popular Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone App was released on March 30th, 2013 to the Apple App Store. Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone enable users to enjoy the full meeting experience from their smartphone or tablet. The new Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone 4.0 release delivers some long awaited features such as

  • joining the audio portion more seamlessly with the Auto Call Me feature
  • Single Sign-On login via standalone browser
  • the new ability to share documents while hosting a meeting on the iPad.

Putting Cisco’s WebEx Meeting Server to the Test – Part 2

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This is part two of a technical discussion of Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 1.0.  You can find part one here.

In this post we’ll cover integration of CWMS to Cisco’s UC infrastructure, some advanced configuration, the deployment scenarios my peer Jon Nelson and I tested in the CDW EFT lab and some design principles we developed that help CDW’s UC Solutions Architects design deployments with customers.  We’ll also briefly touch on what Cisco Early Field Trials do for CDW, and by extension, our customers.